Rulers of Rajasthan

Kachwaha Rulers of Modern Alwar State

Kachwaha Rulers of Modern Alwar State

Mewati Khans Early medieval times, Alwar was ruled by Jadaun clan of Chandravanhi rajputs. In ealy 13th century Nahar Khan of the same Chandravanshi clan converted to Islam in thirteenth century during Firuz Shah Tughlak’s regime. Alawar Khan who was the descendent Nahar Khan, established the kingdom of Alawar in 1412 A.D. During Mughal period, Khanzada Hasan Khan …

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Jat Rulers of Bharatpur

Jat Rulers of Rajasthan

Jat Rulers of Bharatpur At the end of the 17th century, Jat Baija with his son Rajaram, Zamindar of the village of Sinsini, took advantage of the weakness of the Mughal Empire to enlarge his territory.Lord Ram’s brother Laxman is the family deity of the erstwhile royal family of Bharatpur. The name ‘Laxman’ was engraved on …

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Deora Rulers of Sirohi

Rulers of Sirohi

The Name Sirohi had been derived from Siranwa hills on the Western Slope of which it stands. In 1405, Rao Sobha Ji (Sixth in descent from Rao Deoraj, the Progenitor of the Deora Clan of Chauhans ) founded a town Shivpuri on eastern slope of Siranwa hill which is called KHUBA. Sehastramal, the son of …

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Rulers of Kota

Kota seceded from Bundi in 1631. But it was again reunited with Bundi between 1707- 1713. Kota became British protectorate in 1817. Kota rulers bore the title “Maharao”. Rulers of Kota: Madho Singh 2nd Son of raja rattan Singh of Bundi, who confirmed grant of Kota to Madho Singh & separation, took place. Mukund Singh Jagat …

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Rulers of Jhalawar

Jhala Zalim Singh , the dewan of Kota, developed Jhalawar (then Chaoni Umedpura ) as cantonment & township, to isolate Kota from Maratha invaders. In 1838, British rulers separated Jhalawar state from Kota state and gave it to Jhala Madan Singh, grandson of Jhala Zalim Singh. Rulers of Jhalawar: Madan Singh (1838–1845) 1st independent ruler …

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