India to seal border with Pakistan by 2018

India to seal border with Pakistan by 2018

Considering the challenges along its border with Pakistan, India has decided to completely seal the international border in a time-bound manner by December 2018. A meeting in this regard was held In Jaisalmer, Rajasthan between Home Minister Rajnath Singh and representatives of 4 states sharing border with Pakistan.

Further, a new concept of Border Security Grid (BSG) has been envisaged, in which all the stake holders related to border security are involved. Based on their suggestions, a final shape to BSG will be given.

India Pakistan Border Facts:

  • India Pakistan Border has length of 3,323-km, which is termed as International Border.  India recognizes International Boundary based on Radcliffe line (1947). However,on ground,
    • Gujarat to Jammu: International Boundary
    • Kashmir: On ground -Line of Control (LOC), which is different from International Boundary. It was demarcated after the Simla pact in 1972.
  • India Pakistan Border can be considered as composed of two parts:
    • International boundary: The demarcated line between the Republic of India and Pakistan recognized internationally. Sir Cyril Radcliffe Demarcated the line in 1947.
    • Line Of Control: Line of control is the boundary between the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Indian Jammu and Kashmir. It was demarcated after the Simla pact in 1972.
  • 4 states share this international border with Pakistan.
    • 1,225 km falls in Jammu and Kashmir (Including: Line of Control: 772 Kms, ),
    • 1,037 km in Rajasthan,
    • 553 km in Punjab and
    • 508 km in Gujarat.
  • The Border Security Force (BSF) controls security of the 2,313 km-long International Border with Pakistan from Gujarat to Jammu.
  • In Jammu, 192 km of International Border, referred to as a Working Boundary by Pakistan, is manned by the BSF, while the remaining 8 km is secured by the Indian Army.
  • The 772 km Line of Control (LoC), running along Kashmir and separating Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) is entirely secured by the Army.

*Kms of Length may vary depending upon source. Please consider and use data only as indicative.

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