Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha: Ministers Portfolio

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, Constituencies , MLA, Parishad

15th Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Sl. No. Name Department 1 Sh. Ashok Gehlot Finance Dept., Excise Dept., Planning Dept., Policy Planning Dept., Dept. of Personnel, General Administration Dept., Raj. State Investigation Bureau, Information Technology & Communication Dept., Home Affairs & Justice Dept. 2 Sh. Sachin Pilot Public Works Dept., Rural Development Dept., Panchayati Raj Dept., Science & Technology Dept., Statistics Dept. Cabinet Ministers: 1 Sh. Bulaki Das Kalla Energy Dept., Public Continue Reading

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha: Present Context

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, Constituencies , MLA, Parishad

As per the provisions of Article 168 of the Constitution of India, every state has a state legislature consisting of one or two Houses. Rajasthan has a unicameral character (only Vidhan Sabha) and its legislature is known as the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly or Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha. The present Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha or the Legislative Assembly is situated in the capital city of Jaipur. Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha was first formed in Continue Reading

State Legislature in Constitution of India

State Legislature in India, Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha

The state legislature occupies an integral position in political system of India and governing of state.The Constitution of India provides for a legislature in each State and entrusts it with the responsibility to make laws for the state.  Articles 168 to 212 in Part VI of Constitution of India deal with the organisation, composition, duration, officers, procedures, privileges and powers of the state legislature. Some of these are similar with Continue Reading

Origin & Growth: Rajasthan Legislative Assembly

The evolution of the House of People’s Representative in Rajasthan – the erstwhile Rajputana – is one of the important developments in the annals of the constitutional history of India. Rajputana consisting of twenty-two small and big Princely States. Though these Princely States were declared to have been annexed to the Union of India on 15 August, 1947, the process of merger and their unification became complete only in April, Continue Reading