Rajasthan Current Affairs December 2017: P1

Rajasthan Current Affairs December 2017

Museum to commemorate sacrifice of tribal martyrs Chief minister of Rajasthan laid the foundation stone of National Tribal Freedom Struggle Museum at Mangarh Dham of Banswara district. The project worth Rs 12.37 project has been undertaken by the Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Development Authority. On November 17, 1913, British forces, supported by the forces of the princely states,  opened fire on tribals who had gathered on the Mangarh hillock. Around 1500 tribals were massacred  Continue Reading

Power Resources of Rajasthan

Development of power resources is pre-requisite for development of any region. Power resources of Rajasthan play a key factor in the modern agricultural, industrial and economic development. While, chronically Rajasthan has been power hungry state, the discovery of petroleum and natural gases resources in west Rajasthan and solar power potential has given new hope in converting Rajasthan into a power surplus state. By 2017, Rajasthan has around 17 GB of Continue Reading