Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha: Ministers Portfolio

Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, Constituencies , MLA, Parishad

15th Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Sl. No. Name Department 1 Sh. Ashok Gehlot Finance Dept., Excise Dept., Planning Dept., Policy Planning Dept., Dept. of Personnel, General Administration Dept., Raj. State Investigation Bureau, Information Technology & Communication Dept., Home Affairs & Justice Dept. 2 Sh. Sachin Pilot Public Works Dept., Rural Development Dept., Panchayati Raj Dept., Science & Technology Dept., Statistics Dept. Cabinet Ministers: 1 Sh. Bulaki Das Kalla Energy Dept., Public Continue Reading

Council of Ministers in State Polity

Sate Council of Ministers

As per the Parliamentary system of government in the state, on Union pattern, the Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister is the real executive authority in the state. Article 163 deals with the status of council of ministers and article 164 deals with the appointment, tenure, responsibility, qualification, oath, salaries and allowances of the ministers. Appointment of Council of Ministers: The Chief Minister shall be appointed by the Continue Reading