Smart City Program: Rajasthan – Smart Cities

Smart Cities Rajasthan - Udaipur, Jaipur , Kota, Ajmer Smart City

On June 25, 2015, Prime Minister Modi launched the “100 Smart Cities Mission” to develop 100 cities all over the country making them citizen friendly and sustainable. The period of mission has been designated as Five years from 2015 till 2020. The selection of cities for smart city mission was made through competition after evaluation of the Smart City Proposals (SCP) prepared through Intense Citizen Consultation by the Cities by a Continue Reading

1807: Battle of Parbatsar – Battle for Princess of Mewar

Battle of Parbatsar, Krishna Kumari of Mewar

In 1807, a series of battles took place in Rajasthan, with Jodhpur, Marathas & Pindaris on one side and Mewar, Jaipur on other. The battles result in huge losses on both sides and ended with princess of Mewar committing suicide. Background of Battle of Parbatsar: Raja Bhim Singh of Jodhpur was engaged with princess Krishna kumari of Mewar. However, before the marriage could be solemnised Raja Bhim Singh of Jodhpur Continue Reading

Maratha in Rajasthan

Maratha in Rajasthan

The Rajput were first exposed to Maratha’s during the time when Aurangzeb sent Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur & Jai Singh of Amer were sent to Deccan to subdue Shivaji. They failed in the process but admired Shivaji’s spirit for independence, his concern for preserving Hindu culture and his fight against all odds with Aurangzeb. However, much of these interactions were limited to Deccan territories till Marathas under great Peshwa Baji Continue Reading

Kachwaha Rulers of Jaipur

Kachwaha Rulers of Jaipur Mirza Raja Sawai Jai Singh II (1699 – 1743) In 1699, given title of Sawai by Aurangzeb. Formed marriage alliance with marwar & mewar to expel Mughal out of rajputana. However, patch up again, and appointed as governor of Malwa & Agra. A 1721, t Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah bestowed upon him the title of Saramad-i-Rajaha-i-Hind In 1723, added the titles of Raj Rajeshvar, Shri Rajadhiraj Continue Reading

Cashless Challan Scheme

The Jaipur Police are planning to implement `cashless challan scheme‘, where people would be able to pay their fine online.  `Cashless challan scheme’ is part of the city police’s drive to digitize policing in the city. “For now, this scheme is operational only in a few cities in the country , like Hyderabad, where challans can be processed online. Currently, the challan process is highly centralized where Challans are to be Continue Reading