Rathore Rulers of Barmer

In earlier times, Barmer was known by the name “Mallinath” (मल्लिनाथ) after Mallinath, the son of Rao Salkha. Mallinath is considered a God and still worshiped by Rajputs. The area around the “Luni” river was called “Malani” or “मलानी”, derived from the name Mallinath. In the 18th century, British rulers adopted the name Barmer or Balmer . The name Barmer is derived from the name of the earlier 13th century Continue Reading

SBM Update: Rajasthan has 39% open defecation free villages

According to latest report accessed from the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) management information system (MIS), has declared 39% of its villages as open defecation free (ODF) till January 10, 2017. Kerala and Himachal Pradesh have attained 100% ODF in rural areas while Haryana is inching towards them with 84%. Bihar with just 2% villages declared ODF followed Uttar Pradesh with 4% villages as ODF are worst performers in the drive . Union Continue Reading

Barmer: History, Geography, Places

Location, Area & Administration Barmer district is located between 24,58′ to 26, 32’N Latitudes and 70, 05′ to 72, 52′ E Longitudes. Barmer is located in western Rajasthan, with Jaisalmer to its North, Jalore on its South, Pali and Jodhpur to its East and Pakistan to its West. The total area of the district is 28,387 square kilometres. Administratively, Barmer is divided into 14 tehsils namely Barmer, Baitu, Chohtan, Dhorimanna, Gida, Gadraroad, Continue Reading