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Objective behind RajRAS, which is development of a platform, where students can freely have access to all the required knowledge at one single point. And any knowledge is incomplete without discussion and testing. Hence, Each post in this section will include 2-5 questions from different General Studies Papers & Current Affairs. Our aim is that  each student can have practice of at-least 500 questions on each paper before appearing for mains.

While, our site is in English and majorly useful for English medium students. This section will be equally useful for both Hindi medium as well as English medium Students.

Remember, healthy discussion is as much important as testing and aspirants should use the comment section in each post to comment & discuss their answers. Suggest changes  to other answers, so that each person has a best answer in the end.

How should one answer questions:

There are multiple options:

  • Using your Facebook or Google+ Login, you can write in answers directly
  • You can make  a copy dedicated to questions on RajRAS. Copy question from site on the copy & write the answer on your copy only. After writing your answer, click a photo and upload the photo in comments section. Update your answer in the copy after input from fellow aspirants.

How to upload Photo of answer?

  • Go to comment section.
  • Click on on wordpress comments.
  • Create account. {This will also help to keep record of all your answers}
  • In the bottom you will file upload section, upload you answer picture.

Happy Learning!!!