Behaviour and Intelligence RAS Mains Unit 3 GS Paper 3

This page lists posts for RAS Mains syllabus of GS Paper 3 unit on Behaviour.

Behaviour for RAS Mains


  • Cognitive intelligence
  • Social intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence.


  • Psychoanalytical theories
  • Trait and Type theories
  • Determinants of personality
  • Assessment of personality.

Learning and Motivation:


  • Styles of learning
  • Models of memory
  • Causes of forgetting


  • Classification and types of motives
  • Theories of work motivation
  • Assessment of motivation

Meeting Life Challenges:

  • Stress: Nature, type, Sources, Symptoms, Effects,
  • Stress Management,
  • Promotion of Positive health and well being.

External Resources:

NIOS Material: