Rivers of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Rivers, Rivers of Rajasthan

 Rivers of Rajasthan

The rivers of Rajasthan can be divided into three main types based on their drainage pattern, they are rivers that drain into arabian sea, rivers that drain into bay of bengal and rivers with inland drainage. The most characteristic feature of the drainage system of Rajasthan is that nearly 60.2% of the area of the state has an inland drainage system.

Rivers of Rajasthan Drainage

The Aravalli range forms the main watershed for Rajasthan, dividing the drainage into the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The Luni river system that rises from the western slopes of the Aravalli Range (near Ajmer) flows through the semi-arid transitional plains into the Rann of Kutch and Arabian Sea, while the Banas and other streams, rising from the eastern slopes of the Aravallis, join the Chambal. The Chambal, then flows into the Yamuna-Ganga river system which drains into the Bay of Bengal. The main watercourses like the Sabarmati, Banas,  etc. and the tributaries of the Luni, are more or less parallel to the Aravalli Range.

Additionally, Rivers of Rajasthan are mostly seasonal with only two river basins (Chambal and Mahi) being perennial.

Important Posts on Rivers of Rajasthan:

Chambal River

Chambal River & its Tributaries


  • Parbati
  • Kali Sindh
  • Mej (ST:Mangli)
  • Alnia
  • Sep
  • Banas
  • Gambhir or Utangan
  • Brahmani
  • Gunjali

Banas River

Banas River & its Tributaries


  • Berach
  • Kothari
  • Khari
  • Dai
  • Mashi
  • Sohadra
  • Morel
  • Kalisil
  • Dheel

Banganga River

Banganga River & its Tributaries


  • Suri
  • Sanwan
  • Palasan

Luni River

Luni River & its Tributaries


  • Bandi River
  • Sukri River
  • Jawai River
  • Khari River

Sabarmati River

Sabarmati River & its Tributaries


  • Sei
  • Wakal
  • Harnav
  • Hathmati
  • Watrak

Mahi River 

Mahi River and its Tributaries


  • Som (ST: Gomti, Jakham)
  • Anas
  • Panam

Other Important Rivers of Rajasthan

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