Geography of Rajasthan

Geography is an important subject both in RAS preliminary and RAS mains. All the topics from geography attract considerable attention both in RAS Preliminary and in Mains.

RPSC, like UPSC, is laying increasing importance on Current Events and so if any question that might come from this field most probably be based on recent information or news. Like for example: In last 2-3 years, for many minerals new mines/reserves have been identified but the books have not been updated and they still show old data. Such new information is highly crucial for RAS preliminary exam as here you will have to identify the new mine also.

In this while stress is put on covering each and every topic, we will give due importance to including  current affairs, and other information which I believe are more relevant in  Civil service exam. By above, I don’t means books are bad or useless, in-fact, they should be the primary source of learning but post such as ours should be used to update data wherever they are lacking.

In-short: This page shall contain various posts that relate to topic: Geography of Rajasthan, which forms integral part of syllabus of both preliminary as well as mains of RAS Examination:


Geography of Rajasthan

A. Physical Geography of Rajasthan

1. Physiography of Rajasthan

2. Drainage System of Rajasthan

3. Demography of Rajasthan

4. Minerals Resources of Rajasthan

5. Water Resource of Rajasthan

6. Animal Resources of Rajasthan

7. Natural Vegetation of Rajasthan

8. Power Resources of Rajasthan

B. Environment of Rajasthan [Includes Wildlife of Rajasthan]

C. Agriculture of Rajasthan