Rajasthan Polity and Administration PDF

Rajasthan Polity and Administration PDF

Rajasthan Polity and Administration  PDF

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Rajasthan Polity and Administration PDF eBOOK is an attempt to consolidate relevant information with regard to administration and basic constitutional & regulatory provisions, through which the government machinery and state apparatus of Rajasthan functions.

We have made an attempt to provide updated and authorized information taking reference from Constitution of India, Rules & Acts released by State of Government of Rajasthan & Union Government of India, Official Government websites and National Newspaper. As you can understand, it is impossible to cover the entire spectrum of government functions & regulations under which a state government function in a single document or book. But we have made an honest effort to cover the important aspects, so as readers can have a brief idea regarding government functions.

As majority of our readers, are engaged in preparation of Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS/RTS Examination) so the book has been made with regard to this examination.

Rajasthan Polity and Administration PDF: Contents

Polity of RajasthanRajasthan Polity And Administration PDF Download

  • Governor
  • Chief Minister
  • Council of Ministers
  • State Legislature
  • Elections

Judiciary in Rajasthan

  • Courts in Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority
  • Lok Adalats in Rajasthan

Administration of Rajasthan

  • Chief Secretary
  • State Secretariat
  • Directorates
  • Administrative Setup
  • District Collector

Local Government in Rajasthan

  • Historical Background of PRI in Rajasthan
  • Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan
  • Urban Local Government

Important Constitutional, Statutory & Executive bodies

  • Important Bodies
  • Rajasthan Public Service Commission
  • Advocate General of Rajasthan
  • Inter-State Council
  • Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission
  • Rajasthan State Information Commission
  • Lokayukta
  • Rajasthan State Commission for Women
  • Chief Minister’s Advisory Council


  • Rajasthan Police.
  • Mewar Bhil Corps
  • Seventh Schedule


Total pages: 105

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