Hydrocarbon Rajasthan Basin

The Rajasthan Basin (Hydrocarbon) is a sedimentary basin located in western Rajasthan with a geographical extent of about 126,000 square kilometres.  This basin is one of India’s major sources of petroleum and natural gas. As per estimates 480 million tonnes Oil in-place reserves (3.5 Billion Barrels) have been proved in 25 discovered fields of Barmer-Sanchore Basin.

Rajasthan Basin Location:

Rajasthan Basin forms the eastern flank of Indus geosyncline and comprises the sedimentary tract to the west and northwest of Aravallis upto Indo-Pakistan border. This pericratonic basin also forms a part of the great Thar Desert.

Hydrocarbon Rajasthan Basin geo Location Map

Rajasthan Basin: Sub-Basins:

Rajasthan Basin has been sub-divided into four potential Petroliferous basins,  separated from each other by basement ridges/faults. These four Basins are spread over in 14 Districts of Western & Eastern Rajasthan. The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural gas has upgraded the first three petroliferous basins into category- I, i.e. equivalent to the Bombay High, Cambay Basin and Assam, which are potential for hydrocarbons prospects.

Sr. No Basin Basin Coverage
1 Jaisalmer Basin District Jaisalmer and part of jodhpur
2 Barmer – Sanchore Basin Districts Barmer and  Part of Jalore.
3 Bikaner – Nagaur Basin Districts Bikaner ,Nagaur, Ganganagar/ Hanumangarh and Part of Churu.
4 Vindhyan Basin Districts Kota, Jhalawar, Baran, Bundi and Part of Bhilwara etc.

Rajasthan Basin, Jaisalmer Basin, Barmer – Sanchore Basin,

Jaisalmer Basin

  • Age of Jaisalmer basin: Mesozoic & Cenozoic
  • Districts: Jaisalmer and part of jodhpur
  • Type of Basin: Pericratonic Basin
  • Depressions: The Jaisalmer Basin has been subdivided into 3 depressions:
    • Shahgarh Depression
    • Kishangarh Shelf
    • Miajlar Depression

Barmer – Sanchore Basin

  • Age of Barmer-Sanchore Basin: Tertiary
  • Districts: Barmer and  Part of Jalore.
  • Type of Basin: Intracratonic Basins
  • Depressions: The Barmer-Sanchore Basin has been subdivided into 2 depressions:
    • Barmer Depression in the north and
    • Sanchor Depression in the south
  • Oil Fields: 38 oil fields discovered in Barmer-Sanchore Basin namely Mangla, Bhagyam, Shakti Ashwariya Guda, Saraswati, Raageshwari, Kaameshwari, Vijaya, Vandana, GRF, NI, Bhagyam South-1, NH-2, N-R-4, NE, GS-V-1 & Tukaram.

Bikaner – Nagaur Basin

  • Age of Bikaner-Nagaur basin: Paleozoic
  • Districts: Bikaner ,Nagaur, Ganganagar/ Hanumangarh and Part of Churu
  • Type of Basin: Intracratonic Basins
  • The major tectonic element in Bikaner- Nagaur Sub-basin is an almost east-west trending basement ridge, ‘the Bikampur Arch’

Vindhyan Basin

  • Districts: Kota, Jhalawar, Baran, Bundi and Part of Bhilwara etc.
  • Vindhyan basin covers three main regions: Son valley, Bundelkhand and Rajasthan.