Science and Technology

Science and Technology (S & T) forms an important aspect of Current Affairs of any government exam including UPSC (IAS) examination and RPSC – RAS (and other exams). This section includes relevant material and posts on S & T from RajRAS and other online platforms (direct links-no copy).

RajRAS Summary Articles:

RAS Mains S & T Topics:

  • Nanotechnology
    • Concept and its application
    • Nano Mission of India.
  • Nuclear technology:
    • Basic concept, radioactivity and its applications, civilian and military uses
    • Different types of nuclear reactors, .
    • Institutional structure for development of nuclear technology in India.
  • Telecommunication:
    • Basic concept, Telecom application for socio-economic development of masses,
    • Indian telecom industry with brief history,
    • National Telecom Policy
    • TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)
  • Defence:
  • Space:
  • Science Basic Concepts:
    • Electromagnetic waves
    • Communication systems,
    • Basics of computers,
    • Uses of information technology,
    • e-governance and e-commerce in administration.
    • States of Matter
    • Allotropes of carbon.
    • pH Scale and importance of pH in daily life.
    • Corrosion and its prevention
    • Catalyst
    • Soap and Detergents – Cleansing action of soap.
    • Polymers and their uses
  • Bio-Technology:
    • Applications of Biotechnology
    • Associated Ethical and Intellectual Property Right Issues.
  • Food and Human Health:
  • Other Topics:

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