Early Rajput Political and Administrative System

The Rajputs dominated political development of northern India after the death of Harshavardhana. .Many Rajput kingdoms were established in Northern India from 647 CE (Death of Harsha) to 1192 CE (Battle of Terāin between Mohd.Ghori and Pṛithvī Rāja Chauhāna). This period (647-1192 CE) is called the “Rajput Age” in the history. Gahadavālas of Kanauj, the Paramāras of Mālavā, Chauhāna of Ajmer, Kalachuris of Chedi, Chandellas of Bundelakhanḍa, the Chālukya of Gujarat Continue Reading

Ancient History of Rajasthan: PDF

History of Rajasthan

Ancient History of Rajasthan PDF  Price: 29 Buy Now You can download Ancient History of Rajasthan PDF (English) for RAS Mains Important Note to Aspirants: The book covers topics in a sequential manner regarding ancient history of Rajasthan i.e. from as early as 5,00,000 BC to 1200 AD. Contents of the eBook / PDF of Ancient History of Rajasthan: Palaeolithic-Old Stone Age in Rajasthan Mesolithic-Middle Stone Age in Rajasthan Neolithic Age in Rajasthan Continue Reading

Rajasthan During Mahajanpada Period

Mahajanpada Period (600 BCE -300 BCE) The end of Vedic India is marked by linguistic, cultural and political changes. By the 6th century BCE, the political units consolidated into large kingdoms called Mahajanapadas. The age is also referred to as period of second urbanization. The term “Janapada” literally means the foothold of a tribe, in Pāṇini’s “Ashtadhyayi”, Janapada stands for country. The Pre-Buddhist north-west region of the Indian sub-continent was divided into Continue Reading

Vedic Age in India

The cities of the Harappan Culture had declined by 1500 B.C. Around this period, the speakers of Indo-Aryan language, Sanskrit, entered the north-west India from the Indo-Iranian region. Initially they would have come in small numbers through the passes in the northwestern mountains. Their initial settlements were in the valleys of the north-west and the plains of the Punjab. Later, they moved into Indo-Gangetic plains. As they were mainly a cattle-keeping Continue Reading

Mesolithic-Middle Stone Age in Rajasthan

The last stage of Old Stone age or Palaeolithic Age was followed by Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age in Rajasthan ( in India). The transition from the Palaeolithic period to Mesolithic period is marked by transition from Pleistocene period(2.58 million years ago – 10,000BC) to Holocene (10,000 BC – till now) and favorable changes in the climate. The climate became warmer and humid and there was expansion of flora and fauna Continue Reading