Eki Movement or Bhomat Bhil Movement under Motilal Tejawat

Eki Movement or Bhomat Bhil Movement under Motilal Tejawat

The tribal movement under the leadership of Govindgir was confined to the States of Dungarpur, Banswara, Sunth Rampur and Idar only. A large number of Bhils in the States of Udaipur, Sirohi and Bundi remained aloof from this movement. The movement of the Bhils under Govindgiri was suppressed by the British forces, but it influenced the Bhils of Gujarat, Central India and Rajasthan. Motilal Tejawat – Masheeha of Tribals / Continue Reading

PDF: Modern History of Rajasthan

Modern History of Rajasthan PDF Notes

The PDF Modern History of Rajasthan enlists the important topics in history of Rajasthan during the modern period (1700- 1947). This book deals with only political, administrative and economical aspects of Rajasthan during 1700-1947 and cultural aspects have been covered under the Literature, Art, Architecture, Culture & Heritage of Rajasthan. Modern History of Rajasthan PDF Price INR 30 Buy Now Note: Medium English Contents: Modern History of Rajasthan PDF New Continue Reading

Bhagat Movement or Bheel Movements under Govind Giri

Mangarh Dham, Bhagat Movement - Bheel Movement under Govindgiri

The early movements of the Bheels were spontaneous and were caused as a reaction to the new system. The British Government took various measures to check the Bhil activities in future. On the one hand they announced some concessions to the Bhils and on the other they established an efficient network of military and civil control of the Bhil areas. These efforts succeeded in keeping the Bhils peaceful for a Continue Reading

Begun Peasant Movement

Begun Peasant Movement

Bijolia movement inspired the peasants of other feudatories. While, the authorities managed to crush the peasants movement of almost all other feudatories, the jagir of Begun stood as exception. The Begun Peasant Movement also resisted for a long time and ultimately they got an agreement similar to the second phases of Bijolia peasant movement. Begun was a neighbouring Jagir of BijoIia and the majority of peasants were also from Dhakar caste. Continue Reading

Rajput Rebellion – 1708

Rajput Rebellion of 1708

The three Rajput Raja’s of Amber, Udaipur and Jodhpur made a joint resistance to the Mughals. The alliance defeated and expelled the Mughals from Rajputana. Bahadur Shah I was forced to sign truce with Rajputana restoring Ajit Singh and Jai Singh to the Mughal Service. Background of the Rebellion: Bahadur Shah I had dethorned Ajit Singh of Jodhpur & Jai Singh II of Amer. Meanwhile, Amar Singh II of Mewar Continue Reading