Rajasthan Through Districts: RAS edition: Ebook/PDF

Rajasthan Through Districts   Price: INR 50   Buy Now     About The Book Since antiquity, Rajasthan has been land of kings and kingdoms. At the time of Independence (1947), Rajasthan had 19 Princely states and 3 Chief-ships. As per the Indian administrative setup these states have been merged, divided, transferred to convert into 33 distinct districts. While administrative efficiency has been the driving force behind the districts, the long Continue Reading

Jodhpur: History, Geography, Places

Location, Area and Administration of Jodhpur: Jodhpur district is located in western part of Rajasthan, located between 26°00′ to 27°37′ North latitude and 72°55′ to 73°55′ East longitude. It shares common border with five districts viz., Bikaner, Jaisalmer in north and north west, Banner and Pali in SW & SE and Nagaur in E-NE. The district has a geographical area of 22850 sq. kms which is 6.60% of total area Continue Reading

Pali: History, Geography, Places

Location, Area and Administration of Pali: Pali district is located between 24°45′ to 26°29′ North Latitudes and 72° 47′ to 74° 18′ East Longitudes . It share its boundaries with 8 district of the state; In South west Sirohi & Jalore, in west Barmer; in south east Rajasamand & Udaipur in north Nagore, in North West Jodhpur and in north east Ajmer shares their boundaries with the district. The district has total area Continue Reading

Kota: History, Geography, Places

Location, Area and Administration of Kota: Kota district lies between 24º 25′ and 25º 51′ North Latitude and 75º 37′ and 77º 26′ East Longitude. It is bounded on north and north west by Sawai Madhopur, Tonk and Bundi districts. The Chambal river separates these from Kota district and forms the natural boundary. The district is bounded by Jhalawar, and Mandsor district of M.P. on the south, Baran district on the Continue Reading

Jhalawar: History, Geography, Places

Location, Area and Administration of Jhalawar: The word Jhalawar, literally means “land of the Jhalas” this being the name of the ruling clan of the former state. Jhala­war district lies in the south eastern corner of Rajasthan between 23° 4′ to 24° 52′ North Latitude &  75° 29′ to 76° 56′ East Longitude. It is bounded in the north, north-east and north-west by Kota district and by Madhya Pradesh in the rest Continue Reading