Temples and Mosques of Rajasthan

Adhai din ka Jhopra, Ajmer Adhai din ka Jhopra is actually a Masjid built by Qutub-ud-Din-Aibak, first Sultan of Delhi, in AD 1199 . Sultan Iltutmish had subsequently beautified it in AD 1213 with a screen pierced by corbelled engrailed arches which appears in this country for the first time.  However, a large number of architectural members and sculptures of temples are lying inside the verandah of the complex for safety and security purposes by the Continue Reading

Folk Drama of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Art Culture Heritage

Rajasthan is a hub of folk art, theatre, music, dance and craft. The tribal culture of Rajasthan has done much to preserve and nurture the folk theatre tradition of Rajasthan. Khayal is the most prominent form of folk theatrical form of Rajasthan. Other important folk theatre includes Swang, phad, Rammat, Nautanki, Bhawai, Gavari etc. Khayal Khayal theatre emerged near about 18th century and remained same in coming 200 years The Continue Reading

Folk Art of Rajasthan

Rajasthani folk art has been divided into following types: Wall & ground paintings: Devra, Pathwari, Sanjhi , Mandav etc. Cloth Paintings: Pat, Pichhwai, Phad etc Painting on Paper: Paane Painting made on Wood: Kavad Painting on Human body: Mehandi, Godana Thape: Thape is a form of drawings on walls. In Rajasthan it is made up turmeric, geru, henna and kumkum. Pictures are drawn on the both side of the door, Continue Reading

Rock Inscriptions of Rajasthan

Rock inscriptions of Rajasthan

The rock inscriptions of Rajasthan serve as a very authentic evidence for the reconstruction of the history and culture of Rajasthan. They offer reliable pieces of information that has helped in building up the chronology and political history of Rajasthan. Rock Inscriptions of Rajasthan S.No Year Inscription Facts to Remember 1 443 BC Barli, Ajmer Brahmi Script Reveals that Jaina cult was prevalent in Madhyamika. 2 1St – BC Gosundi, Continue Reading

50 Major Compositions of Literature of Rajasthan

Padmavat Rajasthan Literature major Compositions

This posts lists out the 50 major compositions of literature of Rajasthan from Arambhkal to Aadhimanak kal. 50 Major Compositions of Literature of Rajasthan S.No Work Author 1 Kanhad-de-Prabandh Padmanabh 2 Munhot Nainsi Ri Khyat Munhot Nainsi 3 Achaldas Kheechi Ri Bachnika Gardan Shivdaas 4 Ganga Lahari Prthivi Raj Rathore 5 Varagya Sagar Nagaridaas 6 Roothi Rani Kesari Singh Barhat 7 Raj Rupak Veerbhan 8 Rao Jaitsi Ro Chand Suja Continue Reading