Rajasthan Current Affairs PDF: Dec 2018 – March 2019

Rajasthan Current Affairs Dec 2018 - March 2019 RAS Mains 2018 PDF

Price: INR 19 Buy Now This book contains current affairs of Rajasthan, Science & Technology for month of December 2018 and January, February, March 2019. Chapters are mentioned as under: Persons in NEWS Places in NEWS Current Affairs Policies, Bills & Schemes Science & Technology Total Pages: 43 Other Current Affairs PDF’s from 2018 –S.NO– –eBook/PDF– –Price– 1 Rajasthan Current Affairs: August – Nov 2018 INR 15 2 Rajasthan Current Continue Reading

Persons on Important Posts: March 2019

Persons on Important Posts March 2019

 Persons on Important Posts: RAJASTHAN Persons on Important Posts: Rajasthan S.No Post (Rajasthan) First Current (2019 March) 1 Chief Justice of Rajasthan Sir Sarat Kumar Ghosh (1949) Pradeep Nandrajog(32nd) 2 Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan Anand Kumar 3 State Election Commissioner of Rajasthan Prem Singh Mehra 4 Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Suresh Chaudhary 5 RPSC Chairman Sir DR. S K GHOSH Deepak Upreti 6 Financial Commission Chairman Dr. Jyoti Kiran (5th) 7 Continue Reading

Temples and Mosques of Rajasthan

Adhai din ka Jhopra, Ajmer Adhai din ka Jhopra is actually a Masjid built by Qutub-ud-Din-Aibak, first Sultan of Delhi, in AD 1199 . Sultan Iltutmish had subsequently beautified it in AD 1213 with a screen pierced by corbelled engrailed arches which appears in this country for the first time.  However, a large number of architectural members and sculptures of temples are lying inside the verandah of the complex for safety and security purposes by the Continue Reading

Folk Drama of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Art Culture Heritage

Rajasthan is a hub of folk art, theatre, music, dance and craft. The tribal culture of Rajasthan has done much to preserve and nurture the folk theatre tradition of Rajasthan. Khayal is the most prominent form of folk theatrical form of Rajasthan. Other important folk theatre includes Swang, phad, Rammat, Nautanki, Bhawai, Gavari etc. Khayal Khayal theatre emerged near about 18th century and remained same in coming 200 years The Continue Reading

Folk Art of Rajasthan

Rajasthani folk art has been divided into following types: Wall & ground paintings: Devra, Pathwari, Sanjhi , Mandav etc. Cloth Paintings: Pat, Pichhwai, Phad etc Painting on Paper: Paane Painting made on Wood: Kavad Painting on Human body: Mehandi, Godana Thape: Thape is a form of drawings on walls. In Rajasthan it is made up turmeric, geru, henna and kumkum. Pictures are drawn on the both side of the door, Continue Reading