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About The Book

The PDF is a summary ebook containing summarized details on various topics regarding architecture and culture of India. The book contains pictures and description to give an easy understanding of evolution, various features associated with different styles of architecture and different forms art associated with Indian culture.

Table of Contents:

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Architecture of India

  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • The Mauryan Architecture
  • The Schools of Art of Ancient India
  • Buddhist Architecture of India
  • Hindu Temple Architecture of India
  • Rajput Architecture.
  • Jain Architecture
  • Indo-Islamic Architecture
  • Delhi or Imperial Architecture
  • Provincial Architecture
  • Mughal Architecture
  • Post-Mughal Architecture
  • Colonial Architecture[/one_half]

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Culture of India

    • Painting Art of India
    • Puppets of India
    • Classical Music of India
    • Folk Theatre of India
    • Folk Dances of India
    • Classical Dances of India
    • Classical Musical Instrument of India[/one_half_last]



Screenshot1: Topic: Indus valley Civilization
Screenshot 2: Gandhara School of Art
Screenshot 3: Buddhist Architectureof India Introduction
Screenshot3: String musical Instruments

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