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About Us – RajRas

About Us:

Welcome to Rajras, a site dedicated to preparation of Rajasthan Administrative Services and Indian Administrative Services. The site intends to provide free knowledge/information related to RAS/IAS exam that can help to crack these Examinations. The page can also be used as platform for discussion of doubts and understand various aspects of administrative services in Rajasthan.


The foundation and idea behind rajras is to:

  • Address lacunae of good quality study material in English medium for preparation of Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS/RTS).
  • Create a platform where students from both mediums (English/Hindi) can participate and prepare for the examination.
  • Consolidate all information related to examination at one platform and make it available to students in multiple forms.


  • As a student cannot limit his/her preparation to single exam, provide information in such manner so that it benefits them in multiple examination. As a start, we have divided syllabus and subjects to enable students to prepare for both RAS & IAS simultaneously.

A bit about myself and RajRAS: Here



You found some mistake or outdated/wrong information provided in any past archive, what could you do?

  • It is our endeavor to provide most accurate information on any topic. Nevertheless, there is always a chance of human error and hence, we appreciate your concern and effort to pointing out the mistake.
  • You can comment on the post and identify the mistake. We shall correct the information and update. Alternatively you can also send us an email at rajasthanras@gmail.com or jaideep@rajras.in with the Post title, date and correction.