Rulers of Marwar: Jodhpur

  After the destruction of the Gahadavala kingdom, and the migration of the Gahadwalas to Rajputana, a prince of the Kannauj kings founded the Rathore dynasty of Marwar in 1226. Rao Siyaji, grand son of Jai Chandra, of Kannauj, came to marwar during his pilgrimage to dwarka. His Son, Rao Asthan conquered Pali, and Khed (in …

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Sisodia Dynasty of Mewar

Medieval History of Rajasthan, Heores

After the end of Guhil dynasty of Mewar, during the attack on Chittor by Allaudin Khilji. Later, the administration of entire kingdom of Mewar was handed over to Maldeo, ruler of the neighbouring state of Jalore and governor in the Delhi Sultanate. The Sardars now picked Hamir Singh I as head of the Sisodia clan and …

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Rajasthan: Festivals and Fairs

Rajasthan Fairs | Rajasthan Festivalss

Rajasthan: Festivals & Fairs: Rajasthan is a land of fairs & festivals, but before we can get understanding of these it is essential to learn the names of Indian Seasons & months, as the India festivals & fairs are organized based on Hindi calendar, which is LUNAR.   Basics of Hindu Lunar Calendar In Hindu calendar, …

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Rajasthan Agriculture: Crops: Snapshot

Different types of crops, their sowing seasons, area under cultivation under different crops, maximum crop production are all important information w.r.t both preliminary and mains of RAS Examination. In this post, I have attached tables with brief & most important details with regard to crop production in Rajasthan. Crops produced in Kharif Season: Crops Produced …

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