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Computer Basics

Computer Basics: Computer is an electronic device which accepts data as input, performs processing on the data, and gives the desired output. A computer may be analog or digital computer. Speed, accuracy, diligence, storage capability and versatility are the main characteristics of computer. The computing devices have evolved from simple mechanical machines, like ABACUS, Napier’s bones, Slide Rule, Pascal’s …

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Mobile Phone Technologies

The different mobile technology words Glossary: GSM is combination of FDMA ( frequency divison multiple access) & ( TMDA) Time division multiple access. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access WCDMA : wide band – CDMA. IT is 3G technology that increases data transmission rates in GSM systems by using the CDMA air interface instead of TDMA. WCDMA …

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Diseases: Cause, Carriers & Vaccines

A Snapshot of different diseases, their causes, the vectors who transmit these diseases and vaccines available against them. Disease declared eradicated from country: Small Pox Guinea Worm Diseases in Detail Swine Flu: Swine influenza, also called pig influenza, swine flu, hog flu and pig flu, is an infection caused by any one of several types …

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Space Science & Technology

This chapter deals with space science & technology and important topics with relation to ISRO. We shall now start with basic concepts of space science & technology. Different Types of Orbits: We all know artificial satellites that we send to space revolve around our plant earth. Now, the orbits used by these satellites are defined using …

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Indian Missile System

S.No Missiles Launch Mode Version Range Speed Propulsion WarHead Guidance System Use A Ballistic Prithvi (Short) Surface to Surface Prithvi-I SS-150 A1 Prithvi-II SS-250 single-stage liquid-fuelled Prithvi-III SS-350 Two Stage: Solid-Liquid Dhanush (Naval) 350 Con/Nuc Agni (Med- Interconinental) Surface to Surface Agni – I       (MRBM) 700-1250 Single Solid Nuc Ring laser gyro-INS (inertial navigation system), …

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