Classification of Forest of Rajasthan – ISFR 2019

Classification of Forest of Rajasthan – ISFR 2019

As per Forest Survey of India, State of Forest report 2019, (ISFR 2019 ) Rajasthan has recorded forest area of about 32,737 square kms. This forest area forms 9.57% of state’s geographical area and about 4.28% of India’s forest area. On the basis of Legal status, the Government has classified this forest area into three types:

  • Reserved Forests12,475 Sq. Kms
  • Protected Forests18,217 Sq. Kms
  • Unclassified Forests2,045 Sq. Kms

Reserved Forest:

  • These forests are under the direct supervision of the government.
  • No public entry is allowed for collection of timber or grazing of cattle.
  • Rajasthan has 12,475 sq kms or 38% of forest as Reserved Forest.

Protected Forest:

  • These forests are looked after by the government, but the local people are allowed to collect fuel-wood/timber and graze their cattle without causing serious damage to the forests.
  • Rajasthan has 18,217 sq kms or 55% of forest area under Protected Forests.

Unclassified Forest:

  • The unclassified forests are those in which there is no restriction on the cutting of trees and grazing of cattle.
  • Rajasthan has 2045 sq kms or 7% of area has Unclassified forests.

ISFR 2019 Rajasthan: Classification based on Canopy Density

The Forest Survey of India (FSI), brings out bi-annual state of forests report. The ISFR 2019 Rajasthan report, the FSI classifies forest as:

Forest Cover of Rajasthan as per ISFR 2019

  • Very Dense Forests ( VDF) – 0.02%
  • Moderately Dense Forests (MDF) – 1.27%
  • Open Forests (OF) – 3.57%
  • Scrubs – 1.39%
  • Non-Forest Area- 93.75%

Very Dense Forests (VDF):

  • The Lands with forest cover having a canopy density of 70% and more are called Very Dense Forests (VDF).
  • In Rajasthan, there are only 77.81 Sq kms of very dense forests.
  • Percentage VDF: 0.02% of Geographical Area

Moderately Dense Forests (MDF):

  • The Land with forest cover having a canopy density of 40-70% is called the Moderately Dense Forest (MDF).
  • In Rajasthan, there are only 4341.90 Sq kms of moderately dense forests.
  • Percentage MDF: 1.27% of Geographical Area

Open Forests (OF):

  • The Lands with forest cover having canopy density of 10-40% are called Open Forests.
  • In Rajasthan, there are only 12,209.80 Sq kms of open forests.
  • Percentage OF: 3.57% of Geographical Area


  • The degraded forest lands which have a Canopy density of less than 10% are called Scrubs.
  • In Rajasthan, there are about 4760.04 Sq kms of scrubs.
  • Percentage Scrubs: 1.39% of Geographical Area

Non-Forest Area:

  • Rest of the area, included all other lands except forest area.
  • Percentage Non-Forest: 93.75%

ISFR 2019 Rajasthan: Altitude-wise Forest Cover in Rajasthan

The report also identifies, variation of forests with altitude:

Altitude wise forest cover in Rajasthan

Important Terms to understand:

Forest Cover:

  • Forest Cover All lands which are more than 1 hectare in area and with a Canopy density of more than 10% irrespective of the ownership and legal status is called Forest Cover.

Recorded Forest Area:

  • The area recorded as “forests” in the Government records is called Forest Area or Recorded Forest Area.

Canopy and Canopy Density

  • The cover of branches and Foliage formed by the crown of trees is called Canopy.  The percentage area of land covered by the canopy of trees is called Canopy density.


  • FSI – India State of Forest Report 2019 – Rajasthan | ISFR 2019 Rajasthan – Download PDF 
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