Wildlife of Rajasthan

Though a large percentage of the total area of Rajasthan is desert and there is little forest cover, Rajasthan has a rich and variety of animal and plant species. This post is collection of information on wildlife of Rajasthan. We shall update important current affairs in the same post.

Wildlife of Rajasthan: The Basics

  •  State Animal of Rajasthan: Camel
    • Why: To prevent slaughter, illegal trade and transportation of Camels, as their numbers are dwindling (decreasing) sharply.
    • Camel Festival: Bikaner 9-10 January.
    • Pushkar Mela: 5-day Camel & Livestock Trading fair.
  • Rajasthan State Bird: Great Indian Bustard
    • Locally called as Godawan
    • Critically endangered (IUCN) and protected in India under Schedule I of wildlife protection act, 1972.
    • 2014 Wildlife Institute of India (WII) survey counted 44 great Indian bustards in Rajasthan and according to 2015, Forest department report it is 13.
    • Currently found only in Rajasthan, Gujarat & Maharashtra.
    • Rajasthan Government has launched Project Great Indian Bustard for Protection of GIB
    • Rajasthan Government allocated 12 Crore and Bank of Japan allocated 3 crores.
    • Under the GIB Project, closures will be made at many places in Khudi Rasla, Pokhran and Shahgarh of Jaislmer district for safe habitat of bird.
    • 2015, Dr. Pramod Patil won green Oscar for efforts in conservation of GIB.

Wildlife of Rajasthan: Current Affairs

  • To create awareness about animals and birds, each of the 33 districts of Rajasthan has been represented by an animal mascot. The forest department published news regarding animal mascot in March 2016: Below is the list:
    AjmerKharmor birdJhaloreBear
    AlwarSambar deerJhalawarGagroni Parrot
    BanswaraBronze winged Jacana JhunjhunuKala teetar
    BaranIndian Crocodile (Mugger)JodhpurDemoiselle Cranes
    BharatpurSarus CraneKotaMongoose
    BundiGolden PheasantPratapgarhFlying Squirrel
    ChuruBlackbuckSawai MadhopurTiger
    DholpurIndian ScreamerSirohiJungli murgi
    Dungarpurजांघिल (Don't know English name)Sri GangaNagarChinkara
    HanumangarhLittle KingFisherTonkHans
    JaipurCheetal deerUdaipurkabr Bijju
    JaisalmerGreat Indian Bustard- Godawan
  • International Biodiversity Day celebrated on 22nd May.
  • Tiger Conservation: 2015 MoEF report put the number of tigers in Rajasthan at 52

Threatened Species of Wildlife of Rajasthan:
** Please ignore the Scientific name column 
Threatened Wildlife Rajasthan1Threatened Wildlife Rajasthan2

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