UPSC 2017 Current Affairs Revision: Important PDF to read

UPSC 2017 Preliminary Examination is just round the corner. Current Affairs is now one of the mosts important part of preparation as in last 3-4 years UPSC has been disinclined to ask static or old questions and has been inclined towards asking relevant current questions for all domain. Given below is the collection of current affairs related PDF released by 3 of the reputed institutions. UPSC 2017 Current Affairs Revision from June 2016 to June 2017:

UPSC 2017 Current Affairs PDF by VajiramandRavi


UPSC 2017 Current Affairs: Section-wise PDF’s by Insightsonindia


UPSC 2017 Current Affairs by Vision IAS


Note: No material has been copied or downloaded. To help aspirants & save time, only links are provided to original material at original source.