Tribes of Rajasthan

Tribes of Rajasthan: Introduction Rajasthan has been home to numerous tribal & nomadic communities, the tribes of Rajasthan constitute approximately 13.5% of Rajasthan’s population. Each of these tribes can be identified by their own culture, customs, trades, fairs & festivals. Bhils & Minas constitute the majority of population of the tribes of Rajasthan. Schedule Tribes of Rajasthan 1. Bhils Bhils are the largest tribe in Rajasthan. Banswara is the main area where Continue Reading

Current Affairs: August 4

 Raj Ras                                                              In NEWS: Bawariya tribe for Bulandshehar Case What: Members of Bawariya tribe are accused as culprits and Bawariya tribe has been called as notorious tribe. How can a community or tribe be called notorious? Well because History: British in 1871 passed Criminal Tribes Act and labeled over 200 of such communities as notified tribes for criminal tendencies. Post Independence, Government repealed the Criminal Act but introduced another Continue Reading