1680: Battle of Udaipur and Aravalli Hills

Battle of Udaipur

In 1680, Mughal ruler Aurangzeb attacked Mewar, result of which, multiple battles took place in Aravalli region, major being battle of Udaipur. While Aurangzeb plundered the city of Udaipur destroying temples & forts, eventually, Rana Raj Singh of Mewar and Durga Das Rathore were able to defeat the enemy. Background of the Battles of Aravalli Hills Rana Raj Singh I mounted the throne of Mewar in 1654 A.D. (Wikipedia 1652). Continue Reading

Historic Battles of Rajasthan PDF

Historic Battles of Rajasthan PDF eBOOK

Battles of Rajasthan Historic Battles in Rajasthan Tales of Sacrifice & Valour through Ages PDF Price: 29 Buy Now You can Buy Historic Battles in Rajasthan PDF (English) This is  PDF contains a storied description of important historic Battles that have taken place in Rajasthan across ages. Few other battles that have not taken place in Rajasthan but fought by rulers of Rajasthan and which have had deep impact in history of Continue Reading

Battle of Dharmatpur 1658: Jaswant Singh vs Aurangzeb

Battle of Dharmatpur- Jaswant Singh Marwar vs Aurangzeb

The Battle of Dharmatpur was fought on 15 April 1658 on the banks of river Narmada , around 20 kilometers from Ujjain. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb defeated Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Background of the Battle of Dharmatpur On 6 May 1638, Jaswant Singh succeeded his father on his death by special decree of the Emperor Shah Jahan.  In 1658, when Shah Jehan fell ill, Price Dara was the elder son and preferred choice. However, there was a Continue Reading

1582: Battle of Dewair

Battle of Dewair

In 1582, On the occasion of Dashehra (Vijaydashmi), Maharana Pratap attacked Dewair. In the consequential battle of Dewair the Mughals were defeated resulting in the flight of the Mughal soldiers, surrender of about 36,000 mughal soldiers & the closing of all the 36 Mughal posts in Mewar. Background of Battle of Dewair Following the Battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap was left with 7,000 soldiers and Mughals captured Kumbhalgarh, Gogunda, Udaipur & Continue Reading

1557: Battle of Harmada

Battle of Harmada

In 1557, combined armies of Rao Maldeo of Marwar and Haji Khan Sur attacked and defeated Rao Udai Singh of Mewar in Battle of Harmada ( Harmaro). Background: Battle of Harmada After defeating Rao Maldeo in 1544 at Sammel, Sher Shah marched towards Chittor. Rana Udai Singh realising his inability to defend the fort, surrendered its keys without offering any resistance. Sher Shah apparently appreciated this gesture and allowed the Continue Reading