Rathore Rulers of Barmer

In earlier times, Barmer was known by the name “Mallinath” (मल्लिनाथ) after Mallinath, the son of Rao Salkha. Mallinath is considered a God and still worshiped by Rajputs. The area around the “Luni” river was called “Malani” or “मलानी”, derived from the name Mallinath.

In the 18th century, British rulers adopted the name Barmer or Balmer . The name Barmer is derived from the name of the earlier 13th century ruler Bahada Rao Parmar (Panwar) or Bar Rao Parmar (Panwar), it was named Bahadamer (“The Hill Fort of Bahada”).

Rathore Rulers of Barmer

  • Rao Salkha
    • Rao of Kher
  • Rawal Mallinath
    • Founder of Mahecha Clan ( a Rathore Sub-clan)
  • Rawal Jagmal
    • Rao of Malani
  • Rawat Lunka
    • He attacked Juna with help of his elder brother Rawal Mandalak which was under Chauhan ruller Mudha ji and made his capital, his descendents are known as Barmera’s.
  • Rawat Shekha
  • Rawat Jaita
  • Rawat Ratoji
  • Rawat Bhima
    • Founder of present Barmer city
  • Rawat Kalyanmal
  • Rawat Duda ji
  • Rawat Ram Singh
  • Rawat Tezpal Singh
  • Rawat Bharo ji
    • Rao Bhara Ji divided the territory of Barmer equally among his five sons namely Sahiba Ji, Kishan Dass Ji, Lal Singh Ji, Kheenva Ji and Pabba Ji.
  • Rawat Lal Singh ji
  • Rawat Man Singh
  • Rawat Dal Singh
  • Rawat Bhabhut Singh
  • Rawat Panney Singh
  • Rawat Bakidas
  • Rawat Jawahar Singh
  • Rawat Heera Singh
  • Rawat Ratan Singh
  • Rawat Ummed Singh
    • Ex-Member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Barmer between 1962–1967, and the Sheo constituency in 1985-1990.
  • Rawat Tribhuvan Singh
    • He is the current heir of Barmer Gaddi, he was adopted in year 2009 by Late Rawat Umed Singh Ji Rathore’s wife Rani Sampat Kanwar (daughter of Thikana Mahansar, Shekhawati)

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