RAS Mains Books

Books for RAS/RTS Mains Examination:

Collection of articles on RajRAS for RAS/Mains Examination, as per the RPSC syllabus is available: HereGiven below is the books that can be used as reference for Self-Study for RAS Mains.

First Priority: Cover RBSE & NCERT books.

Remember,  NCERT’s/RBSE books are foundation for RAS & IAS examinations.

  • RBSE Books:
    • NEW – RBSE Books relevant to RAS: Download here (Hindi Medium)
    • Old – RBSE Books – Rajasthan Adhyaan
S.NO ————Book & Author—————— View/ Download
a Class IX: Rajasthan Adhyayan Bhag I  Download PDF
b Class X: Rajasthan Adhyayan Bhag II  Download PDF
c Class XI:Rajasthan Adhyayan Bhag III  Download PDF
d Class XII:Rajasthan Adhyayan Bhag IV  Download PDF
  • NCERT Books
    • NCERTs of History (Class XI – XII) Old Books
    • NCERTs of Geography (Class XI-XII) – New Okie



RAS Mains Books for GS: Paper I

Unit I: History

Part A: History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition and Heritage of Rajasthan

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a RajRAS – Ancient History of Rajasthan eBook
b RajRAS – Important Dynasties of Rajasthan eBook
c RajRAS – Modern History of Rajasthan (1707 – 1947)  eBook
d RajRAS – Literature Art Architecture Culture and Heritage of Rajasthan  Download PDF
 e RajRAS – Historical Battles in Rajasthan   Download PDF

Part B: India History

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a NCERT- Ancient History by R. S. Sharma Download Free PDF  (Eng.)
b NCERT – Medieval History by Satish Chandra  Download FREE PDF (Eng.)
c NCERT- Modern History by Bipin Chandra Download FREE PDF (Eng.)
or Spectrum – A brief history of Modern India  See Amazon
 e Bipin Chandra’s – India Since Independence  See Amazon
or Ramchandra Guha’s – India After Gandhi  See Amazon

Books on Art & Culture of India:

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a RajRAS –Architecture & Culture of India eBOOK
or Indian Art & Culture by Nitin Singhania (See Amazon: English || Hindi )

Part C: History of Modern World

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a NCERT – World History by Arjun Dev Download PDF
or History of The Modern World From AD 1500 to AD 2013: B V Rao See Amazon

Unit II: Economics

Part A: Indian Economy

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a NCERT – Macro Economics Download
b NCERT – Micro Economics Download
 c  Economy  by Ramesh Singh (9th Edition)  See Amazon
 d  Economic Survey 2017-18  Download PDF

Part B: World Economy

  • NEWSpaper & Selective Reading on Internet

Part C: Economy of Rajasthan

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a Economy of Rajasthan – by Laxminarayan Nathuramka English Medium (Eng.)
b RajRAS – Economy of Rajasthan Download PDF
b RajRAS – Summary of Economic Review of Rajasthan 2017-18 Download PDF

Unit III: Sociology, Management, Accounting & Audting

Part A: Sociology

  • Development of Sociological Thought in India
  • Social Values.
  • Caste Class & Occupation.
  • Sanskritization.
  • Secularism.
  • Issues and Problems of Society.
  • Read NCERT first (Download: Sociology Class XI )
  • Varna, Ashram, Purusharth and Sanskar Vyavastha.
  • Tribal community of Rajasthan: Bhil, Mina (Meena) and Garasia

Part B: Management

Part C: Accounting & Auditing

RAS Mains Books for GS: Paper II

Unit I: Administrative Ethics

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a Lexicon/Subba Rao For Administrative Ethics , Integrity & Aptitude See Book Amazon
b Ethics in Governance by S.S Bissa – Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration Download PDF

Unit II: General Science & Technology

  • NCERT’s from Class IX to XII for basic science. Summary: Gist of Science NCERt’s. (See Amazon)
  • Newspaper & Internet for Current Affairs.
  • Follow Science Monitor on Rajya Sabha TV: Youtube-Channel Link

Unit III: Earth Science (Geography & Geology)

Part A & B: Geography of India & World

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a NCERT – Class XI & XII – New Books

  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography – Class – 11
  • India Physical Environment –  Class – 11
  • Fundamentals of Human Geography – Class – 12
  • India People & Economy – Class -12
See Amazon

Indian and World Geography by Majid Hussain

See Amazon
c Environment: Shankar IAS Book See Amazon

Part C: Geography of Rajasthan

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a Geography of Rajasthan – by Dr. L. R. Bhalla See Amazon (Eng.)
or RajRAS – Geography of Rajasthan eBook/PDF
c Maps of Rajasthan (Rajasthan Manchitravali) by Mumal – Hindi Medium but Equally useful See Amazon

RAS Mains Books for GS: Paper III

Unit I: Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs

Part A: Indian Political System:

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download

Polity of India – by Laxmikant (Fifth Edition)

Amazon  English || Hindi 
b New Bills & Acts: PRS Legislature Link

Part B: World Politics

  • International Affairs from Newspaper & selective reading on topics

Part C: Current Affairs:

National & International Current Affairs:

Rajasthan Current Affairs:

  • RajRAS Current Affairs: Part I – 2016 – eBook
  • RajRAS Current Affairs: Part II –  2017 – eBook
  • RajRAS Current Affairs: Dec 17-Feb18 – eBook
  • RajRAS Current Affairs: March – April 2018 – eBOOK
  • RajRAS Current Affairs: May-June-July 2018 – eBOOK

Unit II:Concepts, Issues and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management

  • New Horizons of Public Administration by Mohit Bhattacharya

Unit III: Sports & Yoga, Behaviour and Law

RAS Mains Books for GS: Paper IV

Unit I: General Hindi

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
a Hindi Vyakaran | हिन्दी व्याकरण by RBSE (9 to 12) Download PDF


Unit II: General English


Books for Preliminary RAS / RTS 2017 Examination:

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