RAS 2018: Books for Preliminary Exam

RAS 2017 Books, RAS Prelims Books

RAS 2018 Books for Preparation for Preliminary Exam:

As far as prelims goes, you do not have to do all questions but you have to do all such questions that majority of students have attempted. Additionally, in order to prepare peacefully you need to feel secured about clearing prelims exam by some margin, hence you need atleast 10-15 more marks than tentative cut-offs.

[For Hindi Medium please read: आरएएस 2018 प्रारंभिक परीक्षा की   के लिए पुस्तकें| ]

Hence, one cannot take preparation of preliminary examination lightly. In my opinion 1st priority should be to cover relevant RBSE & NCERT books as atleast 10-15% question do come from these books. Fortunately, both RBSE & NCERT books are easy to read and understand.

First Priority: Cover RBSE & NCERT books.

Remember,  NCERT’s/RBSE books are foundation for RAS & IAS examinations.

    • NCERTs of History (Class XI – XII) Old Books
    • NCERTs of Geography (Class XI-XII) – New Okie


Second Stage: Read Mega Books:

There are two or three Mega Books available that cover majority of syllabus of RAS preliminary Examination. There information might be outdated but they do cover good portion of RAS preliminary Exam syllabus. Your options are:

  • Contemporary Rajasthan by Dr. L. R. Bhalladistricts
    • Please note that: Most chapters of geography of Rajasthan have been covered in Contemporary Rajasthan, so please check before purchasing both books. (English Medium )



  • Rajasthan Through Districts – (eBook)

Third Stage: Detailed Study based on Syllabus of RAS Preliminary Examination:

RAS Preliminary Exam Syllabus covers topics from both Rajasthan as well as India. The below mentioned syllabus is of RAS 2016, which is in all probability going to be syllabus of RAS 2018 Preliminary Exam as well.

A.RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from HISTORY

A.1. History from Rajasthan

  • RajRAS ebook
    • Ancient History of Rajasthan (eBook)
    • Important Dynasties of Rajasthan (eBook)
    • Literature Art Architecture Culture and Heritage of Rajasthan (Download PDF )
    • Historical Battles in Rajasthan (Download PDF)
  • Jaysingh Neeraj for culture – Rajasthan ki Kala sanskriti aur Parampara – available only in Hindi Medium
  • History of Rajasthan (Rajasthan ka Itihas ) by Dr. Gopinath Sharma – Hindi Medium
  • Rajasthan History by Kalu Ram Sharma

Other Books related to Rajasthan History:

  • JPM Encyclopedia of Rajasthan History and Culture (Rajasthan itihas and Sanskriti ) by Dr. Hukam Chand Jain and Narayan Mali – Hindi Medium
  • Panorma Volume 2nd Rajasthan History,Art and Culture (Rajasthan ka itihas,kala,sanskriti) by H.D Singh and Chitra Rao Revised Edition for RAS Pre – Hindi Medium
  • PCP Rajasthan History,Art and Culture (Rajasthan Ki kala,Sanskriti,Sahitya) By Pradeep Kumar Chaher 1st 2015 Edition – Hindi Medium
  • Sikhwal Rajasthan Art,Culture (Rajasthan ki Kala and Sanskriti Sachitra) By N.M Sharma – Hindi Medium
  • Forts and Places of Rajasthan History,art and architecture by Sanjeev kumar Bhasin – English Medium

A.2. History from India:

  • a. Ancient Indian History:
  • b. Medieval History:
  • c. Modern India History:
    • Modern History (Bipin Chandra): Download FREE PDF  (English Medium) or
    • or Summary Book by Spectrum:  A Brief History of Modern India (See Amazon)

Books on Art & Culture of India:

  • RajRAS Summary notes/eBook on Architecture & Culture of India – eBOOK
  • India Culture: Indian Art & Culture: Nitin Singhania (See Amazon: English || Hindi )


B.RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from GEOGRAPHY:

B.1 Rajasthan Geography:Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.03.22 AM

  • RajRAS eBook:
  • Geography of Rajasthan by DR. L.R. BHALLA  – English Medium (See Amazon)
  • Maps of Rajasthan by MumalRajasthan Manchitrvali (Hindi Medium but equally useful See Amazon)

B.2 & B.3 Geography of India & World:

Environment: Shankar IAS Book (See Amazon)

C.  RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from POLITY

C.1. Polity topics from Rajasthan

  • Need to Check
  • Follow Schemes from Rajasthan Sujas Magazine – (Download 2016 PDF)

C.2. Polity topics from India:

  • Book: Laxmikant- Fifth Edition (See Amazon  English || Hindi )
  • New Bills & Acts: PRS Legislature (Link)

D.RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from ECONOMY:

D.1 Economy topics from Rajasthan:

  • Laxminarayan Nathuramka – (English Medium)
  • Rajasthan Budget & Economic Review (Rajras, GoR)

D.2. Economic topics from India:

  • Read NCERT’s Before anything else

E. RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

F. RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from REASONING ABILITY

  • M. K. Pandey – (See Amazon) or
  • R. S. Aggarwal – (See Amazon)

G. RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from CURRENT AFFAIRS

  • Current Affairs Rajasthan:
    • RajRAS Current Affairs: Part I – Till December 2016 – eBook
    • RajRAS Current Affairs: Part II – Dec 2016 – March 2017 – eBook
    • Moomal/Mumal 2017-18 – ( Hindi medium)
    • Lakshya 2017-18Hindi Medium
    • Rajasthan Patrika – ePaper
    • Times of India – Jaipur
  • Current Affairs India:
    • RajRAS Current Affairs: Revision Module: Nov 2015 – Nov 2016 – eBook
    • RajRAS Current Affairs: Revision Module: Dec 2016 – March 2017 – eBook
    • The Hindu
    • Year Book 2017 (Amazon)

4. India Year Book 2017: Amazon


Rajasthan Travel Guide: Book Preview 



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