History of Rajasthan

The ancient history of Rajasthan goes back to 5,000 years ago, when the present day districts of Jhunjhunu and Sikar, along with other areas of Jaipur district bordering south Haryana, formed the part of Vedic state of Brahmavarta. Excavations at Kalibanga in northern Rajasthan revealed the existence of human settlements of Harappan times on the banks of a river, Saraswati.

A. Ancient History of Rajasthan (  Till 1200 CE)

Stone Age in Rajasthan

  • Palaeolithic or Old-Stone Age
    • 5,00,000 – 1,00,000 BC: Lower Palaeolithic or Early Old Stone Age [ Didwana ]
    • 1,00,000 – 40,000 BC: Middle Palaeolithic or Middle Old Stone Age [Luni Valley | Budha Pushkar ]
    • 40,000 – 10,000 BC: Upper Palaeolithic or Later Old Stone Age

Indus Valley Civilization in Rajasthan

Chalolithic Cultures of Rajasthan

Iron-Age in Rajasthan

Historical Period of Rajasthan

Rulers of Ancient Rajasthan

B. Medieval History of Rajasthan (1200 A.D – 1707 A.D)

Medieval history of Rajasthan is synonymous to heroism, royalty and honor. Historic tales of battles fought and romance of the riches adorn the walls of the state.  This page lists the post related to history of Rajasthan.

important-dynasty- Rajasthan

1. Rulers of Rajasthan


C. Modern History of Rajasthan ( 1707 – 1947 )

  • The Revolt of 1857 in Rajasthan
  • The Peasant movement in Rajasthan
  • The Prajamandal Movement in Rajasthan


D. Culture & Heritage of Rajasthan

  • Rajasthani Traditions & Dressing
  • Rajasthani Jewelry

Architecture of Rajasthan


E. Battles of Rajasthan

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