Rajasthan: Geography, History, Culture, Economy and NEWS

Rajasthan, a land revered for its kings, royalty, honor & valor is not only the largest state of India but also a colorful melange of diverse cultures, delectable cuisines, distinct landscape. The unique blend of tradition, folk culture with contemporary living is hard to find anywhere else. RajRAS, helps you explore and understand is this unique blend of Rajasthan.

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Districts of Rajasthan

Since antiquity, Rajasthan has been land of kings and kingdoms. At the time of Independence (1947), Rajasthan had 19 Princely states and 3 Chiefships. As per the Indian administrative setup these states have been merged, divided, transferred to convert into 33 distinct districts. While administrative efficiency has been the driving force behind the districts, the long history, lineage and diversity has allowed each of the districts to boast of unique history, culture,  trades, folks, physical features and locations.
Explore below the history, geography, art and culture of these districts of Rajasthan, in a unique way.

Districts of Rajasthan