Message: A bit about myself, RajRAS and you!!

Hello Friend!!

I am Jaideep Singh Shaktawat, an alumni of IIT-Roorkee. After almost 5 years  of working for a Corporate as a Project Manager, I took a break from the job to prepare for civil services. After two unsuccessful attempts at UPSC civil service examination, I moved back to private sector with my startup in Solar Energy sector.

In 2016, I thought of appearing in RAS examination and applied for the same. However, during next two months, I could not find any good material or online source (English Medium) that could help me with preparation for this examination. Coaching was not an option as it needed relocation, time & funds which I  being associated with an startup could not afford.

But soon I realized that the problem was not unique to me but to almost other aspirant considering preparation for RAS exam. There are thousands of aspirants who do not have any source of income but need to spend significant money on coaching, relocation, books & other materials. Further, girls, housewives and other beings who could not relocate to join these few coaching available also suffered the same fate. Being an engineer, I could not look away from a problem without doing my bit towards its solution.

So in July 2016 (though very late for RAS preliminary 2016), I made my humble attempt towards solving the problem with RajRAS.

Since then, I have nurtured the idea & vision of RajRAS more than a hobby and devoted any extra time that I have apart from my startup towards it. The frequency of posts and coverage has been at a slow pace but the efforts have been sincere.

With RajRAS, my aim is to make an effort to end this lacunae of information & knowledge and I welcome all the constructive criticism,  suggestions and ways of improving the website with gratitude.

Now, as you are already aware, RAS Mains 2016 is only like a month away and there is huge gap in information.  Again, being an engineer, I know this effort is going to fall short, however, if we can team up  there is chance of turning things around. As a partner in your journey towards RAS exam, I request you, if you can spare or share some information & knowledge for other aspirants. We know, even when each one of us shares small information, cumulatively it will be a great help to each of you.

You can mail your articles at: . I shall consolidate, compile and publish them for everyone to benefit.


Jaideep Singh

Jai Hind!!

  • Diwakar

    thanks bhai..keep going ..very good work..indebted to you..