List of British Governors-General and Viceroy of India

Governor GenralTimelineImportant Facts
Warrne Hastings1773-1785
Lord Cornwollis1786-1793Permanent Settlement Bengal 1793
Credited for Civil Services
Sir John Shore1793-1798
Lord Wellesley1798-1805Introduced Subsidiary alliance system
Sir George Barlow1805-1807
Lord Minto I1807-1813
Lord Hastings1813-1823Thomas Munro established Ryotwari system in 1820 in Madras
Lord Amherst1823-1828
Lord William Bentick1828-1835Abolition of Sati
Lord Metcalfe1835-1836Removed restriction of Press
Lord Auckland1836-1842
Lord Ellenborough1842-1844
Lord Hardinge I1844-1848Abolition of female infanticide & human scarifice
Lord Dalhousie1848-1856Doctrine of Lapse
Intrdouced Railway
Introduced Telegraph
Widow Remarriage Act 1856
Lord Canning1856-1857Revolt of 1857
ViceroyTimelineImportant Facts
Lord Canning1858-1862Introduced Portfolio System in Administration
Lord Elgin1862-1863introduced Wahabi Movement
Lord John Lawerence1864-1869
Lord Mayo1869-1872Introduced State Railways
Lord NorthBrook1872-1876
Lord Lytton1876-1880
Lord Ripon1880-1884Introduced Local Self Government
Lord Dufferin1884-1888Establishment of Indian National Congress
Lord Landsdowne1888-1894Durand Commission for Durand Line
Lord Elgin II1894-1899
Lord Curzon1889-1905Partition of Bengal
Lord Minto1905-1910Establishment of Muslim league
Lord Hardinge II1910-1916Transfer of Capital from Calcutta to Delhi (1911)
Lord Chelmsford1916-1921Home Rule Mov(1916)
Lord Reading1921-1926
Lord Irwin1926-1931
Lord Willingdon1931-1936
Lord Linlithgrow1936-1944
Lord Wavell1944-1947
Lord Mountbatten1947-1948
C. Rajagopalachari1948-26Jan1950