Jat Rulers of Bharatpur

Jat Rulers of Rajasthan

Jat Rulers of Bharatpur

At the end of the 17th century, Jat Baija with his son Rajaram, Zamindar of the village of Sinsini, took advantage of the weakness of the Mughal Empire to enlarge his territory.Lord Ram’s brother Laxman is the family deity of the erstwhile royal family of Bharatpur. The name ‘Laxman’ was engraved on the arms, seals and other emblems of the state.

Rulers of Bharatpur

  • Raja Ram, 1670–1688
  • Churaman, 1695–1721
    • The Jat power in Bharatpur strengthened in the 18th century under the leadership of Badan Singh and Churaman.
    • Around 1707, Churaman built the fort of Thoon and established his kongdom.
    • Farukhsiyar titled Churaman as Rao Bahadur.
    • However, the Mughals got Jat Churaman killed in 1721.
  • Badan Singh, 1722–1756
    • Churaman’s brother Badan Singh beacme a very powerful Jat leader following the death of Churaman.
    • In 1725, he constructed Jal Mahal of Deeg, Kumher fort & Vair fort.
  • Maharaja Suraj Mal, 1756–1767
    • Maharaja Suraj Mal captured the fort of Bharatpur by vanquishing Khemkaran, the rival chieftain and laid the foundation for Bharatpur.
    • He is alsoccalled as Plato of Jat, Jat Ulysses.
    • In 1748, Suraj Mal helped Ishwari Singh of Jaipur to defeat the combined armies of Mewar, Kota, Jodhpur, Bundi & Maratha in Battle of Bagru.
    • Bundi court poet Shurya Mall, has written about the bravery of Suraj Mal in Hindi poetry- 
      “नहीं जाटनी ने सही व्यर्थ प्रसव की पीर
      जन्मा उसके गर्भ से सूरजमल सा वीर”
  • Maharaja Jawahar Singh, 1767–1768
    • Constructed the Lohagarh fort.
    • He attacked Delhi and brought 8 metal doors from Red Fort of Delhi and placed at Bharatpur Fort.
  • Maharaja Ratan Singh, 1768–1769
  • Maharaja Kehri Singh, 1769–1771
  • Maharaja Nawal Singh, 1771–1776
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 1776–1805
    • Signed treaty with British in 1803 A.D.
    • But in 1805, during time of lord Welselly, Lord Lake attacked Bharatpur as  Ranjit Singh had given asylum to Jaswant Rao Holker of Indore.
    • Lord Lake could not capture the fort even after four month of siege and has been labelled as Lohgarh. Soon Ranjit Singh was compelled to make peace and a new treaty was made on 4 May 1805.
  • Maharaja Randhir Singh, 1805–1823
    • Randhir Singh signed treaty with British in 1818 A.D.
  • Maharaja Baldeo Singh, 1823–1825
  • Maharaja Balwant Singh, 1825–1853
  • Maharaja Jashwant Singh, 1853–1893
  • Maharaja Ram Singh, 1893–1900 (exiled)
  • Maharani Girraj Kaur, regent 1900–1918
  • Maharaja Kishan Singh, 1900–1929
  • Maharaja Brijendra Singh, 1929–1947
    • Matsya Union was the first State to be formed in Rajasthan with the integration of Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur and Karauli which joined the Indian Union.

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