Indian Missile System

Brahmos missiles are seen during the rehearsal parade for India's Republic Day in New Delhi, on 20 January 2007. India will celebrate its 58th Republic Day 26 January with a large military parade attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin who will be the honour guest for the celebrations.
S.No Missiles Launch Mode Version Range Speed Propulsion WarHead Guidance System Use
A Ballistic
1 Prithvi (Short) Surface to Surface Prithvi-I SS-150
2 Prithvi-II SS-250 single-stage liquid-fuelled
3 Prithvi-III SS-350 Two Stage: Solid-Liquid
4 Dhanush (Naval) 350 Con/Nuc
Agni (Med- Interconinental) Surface to Surface Agni – I       (MRBM) 700-1250 Single Solid Nuc Ring laser gyro-INS (inertial navigation system), optionally augmented by GPS terminal guidance
Agni – II       ( IRBM) 2000-3000 2Stage= Solid
Agni – III     ( IRBM) 3500-5000 2Stage= Solid
Agni – IV     ( IRBM) 3000-4000 2Stage= Solid
Agni – V       ( ICBM) 5000-8000 3Stage:3Solid 3rd Composite
Agni – VI     ( ICBM) 8000-10000 3Stage
Trishul Surface to air Short
Akash (Medium) Surface to Air 30 Mach 2.5 ramjet propulsion system Conv Army & Air Force
Astra Air-Air 20-80km Mach4 Sukhoi
Nag Anti tank Namica(Land) 0.5-4 230 m/s Tandem solid Propulsion wire guided ,IR , & millimetric wave (mmW) active radar homing version
Helina 7 infra-red Helicopter launched Nag
K-Family( Submarine Lnchd Blistc Misile) K-15 (Sagarika) 750-1500 Arihant class submarine
K-4 I 3500
k-4 II 5000
K-5 6000 Solid Fuel
B Cruise
1 Brahmos 290 Subsonic (2-3Mach) 2 Stage: Solid & 2. Liquid ramjet Conventional (200-300Kgs) Army & Navy
2 Brahmos II Hypersonic(5 Mach)
3 Brahmos III Land-Land
C Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme
1 Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) High Altitude (50-80Km) Pradyumna Interceptor 800-2000 Mach5+ 2Stage: Solid & Liquid Intertial navigation system
2 Advanced Air Defence (AAD) Low Altitude (30Km) Ashwin Interceptor Mach 4.5 Single Stage : Solid Fuelled Inertial navigation system
D Naval Defence System
1 Barak S-to-A Barak-8 Long range Ind+Israel: Use I Army
2 Barak-1 ship-borne point-defense missile system against aircraft, anti-ship missiles, and UAVs.