Lok Devtas and Saints of Rajasthan


With start of medieval period, Hindusim started facing both internal and external threat. Internal threat came from short-comings of hindu religion like rigidty of caste system etc and external challnege came from the introduction of new religion of Islam.

The age saw development of a new path of Bhakti which was built on rooting out evils of hindu religion and promoting harmony. The path of Bhaki grew as movement and spread across the country.

Saints of Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, the emergence of saint bhakts was witnessed from 16th century to end of 18 century.

A.1 Bhakti Saints of Rajasthan

  • Dadu Dayal
  • Mira Bai
  • Sundar das
  • Rajjab
  • Bhakhan
  • Wajind
  • Raghavdas
  • Lal Das
  • Charan Das
  • Mavaji

A.2 Warrior Saints of Rajasthan (Folk Gods) 

Rajasthan has a strong tradition of venerating righteous warriors as deities. Legends and anecdotes relate folk ddeities with supernatural power impressing & evoking faith and beliefs of people in these local deities.  This post is an attempt to consolidate information of such folk deities (Lok Devtas and Devis) into single piece.

Panchpir: Of the numerous lok devtas and devis, the five greatest are worhsipped throughout the Rajasthan, these are –  Goga Ji, Ramdevji, Pabuji , Mehaji and Harbuji. (Note: Vir Tejaji is not part of this)

Lok Devta of Rajasthan:

  • Goga Ji
  • Ramdev ji
  • Pabu Ji
  • Meha Ji
  • Harbuji
  • Dev Narayan

C. Lok Devis of Rajasthan (Folk Godesses)

  • Sheetla Mata – Hindu Goddess of Epidemic Diseases
  • Chauth Mata
  • Kaila Devi, Karauli
  • Jeen Mata
  • Nandani Mata
  • Bhuwal Mata
  • Mahamayas
  • Kuldevis