History of Rajasthan

The ancient history of Rajasthan goes back to 5,000 years ago, when the present day districts of Jhunjhunu and Sikar, along with other areas of Jaipur district bordering south Haryana, formed the part of Vedic state of Brahmavarta. Excavations at Kalibanga in northern Rajasthan revealed the existence of human settlements of Harappan times on the banks of a river, Saraswati.

A. Ancient History of Rajasthan (  Till 1200 CE)

Stone Age in Rajasthan

  • Palaeolithic or Old-Stone Age
    • 5,00,000 – 1,00,000 BC: Lower Palaeolithic or Early Old Stone Age [ Didwana ]
    • 1,00,000 – 40,000 BC: Middle Palaeolithic or Middle Old Stone Age [Luni Valley | Budha Pushkar ]
    • 40,000 – 10,000 BC: Upper Palaeolithic or Later Old Stone Age

Indus Valley Civilization in Rajasthan

Chalolithic Cultures of Rajasthan

Iron-Age in Rajasthan

Historical Period of Rajasthan

Rulers of Ancient Rajasthan

B. Medieval History of Rajasthan (1200 A.D – 1707 A.D)

Medieval history of Rajasthan is synonymous to heroism, royalty and honor. Historic tales of battles fought and romance of the riches adorn the walls of the state.  This page lists the post related to history of Rajasthan.

important-dynasty- Rajasthan

1. Rulers of Rajasthan


C. Modern History of Rajasthan ( 1707 – 1947 )

  • The Revolt of 1857 in Rajasthan
  • The Peasant movement in Rajasthan
  • The Prajamandal Movement in Rajasthan


D. Culture & Heritage of Rajasthan

  • Lok Devta & Saints
  • Rajasthani Traditions & Dressing
  • Rajasthani Jewelry

Architecture of Rajasthan


E. Battles of Rajasthan

Battles of Alauddin Khilji in Rajasthan

Battles of Rana Kumbha

Battles of Rana Sanga

  • 1527 – Battle of Khanwa


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siege of mandsaur

Invasion of Mewar by Gujarat & Malwa

In 1520 A.D Sultan of Gujarat & Sultan of Malwa marched their army against kingdom of Mewar. The resultant battles were fought on multiple places in which Rana Sanga successfully defended his kingdom against the invasion. The most important event was siege of Mandsaur by combined armies of Gujarat and Malwa, which also failed. Background of Invasion: In early 1520 A.D. Maharana
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Rajput Invasion of Gujarat

In 1520 A.D. Maharana Sanga lead a coalition of Rajput armies and invaded Gujarat. He defeated the Muslim forces and plundered the wealth of the Gujarat Sultanate. Background of Invasion of Gujarat: In 1517, Mahrana Sanga assisted Rai Mal to recapture principality of Idar. Sultan of Gujarat sent his generals Zahir-ul-mulk & Nasrat-ul-mulk. In the consequential, third battle of Idar, Maharana Sanga's army defeated
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Ancient History of Rajasthan: PDF

Ancient History of Rajasthan PDF  Price: 29 Buy Now You can download Ancient History of Rajasthan PDF (English) for RAS Mains Important Note to Aspirants: The book covers topics in a sequential manner regarding ancient history of Rajasthan i.e. from as early as 5,00,000 BC to 1200 AD. Contents of the eBook / PDF of Ancient History of Rajasthan: Palaeolithic-Old Stone Age in Rajasthan Mesolithic-Middle Stone Age in Rajasthan
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Battle of Dholpur and Gagron

In 1519 A.D. armies of Rana Sanga and Ibrahim Lodhi met again in battle of Dhoplur and Rana Sanga again defeated the Sultan of Delhi. Background of Battle of Dholpur Rana Sanga had defeated Ibrahim Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi in 1518 in battle of Khatoli. Rana Sanga took Sultan as prisoner and released him after payment of ransom. To avenge the disgrace,
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Battle of Khatoli

In 1518, Rana Sanga, ruler of Mewar defeated Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi Sultanate in battle of Khatoli.   Background of Battle of Khatoli: In 1517, Ibrahim Lodi became the Sultan of Delhi after death of his father Sikander lodi. By this time, Rana Sanga had extended his kingdom of mewar right up to western Uttar Pradesh and threatened to attack Agra. When news of Rana
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Battles of Idar

The Battles of Idar were a series of three major battles fought in the principality of Idar between the armies of Bhar Mal & Rai Mal, the two princes of Idar. Bhar Mal who was supported by  Muzaffar Shah II (Gujarat Sultanate ) and Rai Mal was supported by the Rajputs under Rana Sanga. In 1517 Rai Mal with the help
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Battle of Nagaur

The  main battle of Nagaur occurred in 1455-56 in which Rana Kumbha, Ruler of Mewar defeated Rulers of Nagaur Sultanate. However, the history of Nagaur is preceded by a series of battles that kept on reversing its fortune.   Preceding Battles of Nagaur  Rao Choonda/Chanda/Chundarji secured and found the kingdom of Marwar. Mandore, the capital of Rao Chonda, gave  a convenient base for attacking
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Battle of Mandalgarh & Banas

Rana Kumbha, son of Rana Mokal, became the ruler of Chittorgarh in 1433. Rana Kumbha fought three battles with Mahmud Khilji, Sultan of Mandu: Battle of Mandavgad Battle of Mandalgarh Battle of Banas In all three battles, Rana Kumbha inflicted defeat to Sultan of Mandu. While battle of Mandavgad took place in modern Madhya Pradesh, battle of Mandalgarh and Banas took
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