Ganeshwar: Archaeological Site of Rajasthan

Ganeshwar (Sikar)

Ganeshwar is a village in Neem Ka Thana Tehsil in the Sikar District. Excavations have revealed ancient sites, with remains of a 4000 years old civilization. The site is located at source of river Kantali, which used to join river Drishadvati, near Soni-Bhadra on the north.

Historian Ratan Lal Mishra wrote that,  Red pottery with black portraiture was found which is estimated to be belonging to 2500–2000 BC was found when Ganeshwar was excavated in 1977.

Ganeshwar is located near the copper mines of the Sikar-Jhunjhunu area of the Khetri copper belt in Rajasthan. It mainly supplied copper objects to Harappa.

Copper objects, microliths & pottery were found throughout the deposits.

  • Copper objects included arrowheads, spearheads, fish hooks, bangles and chisels.
  • Microliths, discovered here, represent a highly evolved geometric industry, the principal tool-types being blunted-back blades, obliquely-blunted blades, lunates, triangles and points. The raw materials employed for the indsutry inclued qarts, garnet, and occasionally jasper.
  • The Pottery found represents OCP culture and includes storage jars, vases, basins, bowls, lids and miniature pots.