Chauhans of Ranthambore

1568 siege ranthambore

Chauhans of Ranthambore

The Chauhan lost Ranthambore as a result of defeat of Prithviraja III in battle of Tarain 1192. by Mohd. Ghori. But, Prithviraja’s son Govindaraja IV accepted the Ghurid suzerainty, and ruled Ranthambore as his vassal.

  • Govinda-raja
    • Son of Prthvi Raja Chauhan III
  • Balhana-deva or Balhan
  • Prahlada or Prahlad,
  • Viranarayana or Vir Narayan,
  • Vagabhata, son of Balhana;
    • Known as Bahar Deo in bardic chronicles
  • Jaitra-simha or Jaitra Singh
  • Hammira-deva or Hammir Dev
    • In 1299, he defeated Allauddin Khilji’s army led by Ulugh Khan & Nusrat Khan. (more: Battle of Ranthambore)
    • In 1301, Allauddin Khilji again invaded his kingdom, which resulted in his defeat and death (more: Siege of Ranthambore)


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