Pachamta: Archaeological Site of Ahar-Banas Culture

Recently in 2015, excavation were carried out at Pachamta, a village 100 km from Udaipur in Rajasthan,  under a project called the Mewar Plains Archaeological Assessment. Pachamta belongs to the Ahar-Banas culture in the Mewar region, which was contemporaneous with the early and mature Harappan culture. The Ahar culture, datable to 3,000-1,700 BCE, was chalcolithic, and its people had trade links with the Harappans. Artefacts such as perforated jars, shell bangles, Continue Reading

Chauhans of Ranthambore

1568 siege ranthambore

Chauhans of Ranthambore The Chauhan lost Ranthambore as a result of defeat of Prithviraja III in battle of Tarain 1192. by Mohd. Ghori. But, Prithviraja’s son Govindaraja IV accepted the Ghurid suzerainty, and ruled Ranthambore as his vassal. Govinda-raja Son of Prthvi Raja Chauhan III Balhana-deva or Balhan Prahlada or Prahlad, Viranarayana or Vir Narayan, Vagabhata, son of Balhana; Known as Bahar Deo in bardic chronicles Jaitra-simha or Jaitra Singh Hammira-deva Continue Reading

Revolutionary Movement in India Independence

REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT: MAHARSHTRA Vasudeva Balwant Phalke was the first person who established a secret society in Maharashtra. In 1896-97 A.D. Damodar Hari and Balkrishna Hari known as the Chapekar brothers formed the Vyayam Mandal.  Feburary 1897, 3rd global Plague epidemic, Special Plague committee –chairman W.C. Rand – force stripping & examination – Tilak – Quotes in Kesari (Marathi) : Bhagvad Gita says execution against atrocities is not sin.  Following this, Continue Reading