Land Revenue System in Rajasthan during British Times

Land Revenue System Rajasthan during British Period

After 1878 new land revenue system was installed on the British lines to instutionalize the loot by the states. These new settlements were not aimed at improving the agriculture and working conditions of the peasantry but their sole object was to enable increment of revenue. This resulted in the decline of agriculture on the one hand, and increase in poverty and indebtedness of the peasantry on the other. Land Revenue Continue Reading

Bijolia Peasant Movement

Bijoliya Bijolia Peasant Movement

Bijolia was ‘‘A” class Jagir of the Udaipur State with a population of about 1200 in 1891. The majority of peasants in Bijolia belonged to Dakan Gotra of the Jats. The Bijolia peasant movement may be divided into three main phases. The first phase between 1897-1915 was marked by a spontaneous movement which was advanced by local leadership. The second phase between 1915-1923 marked a new state of consciousness among Continue Reading

Bheel Movements of Rajasthan

Bheel Movements of Rajasthan

The Bheels (Bhils) were the first to raise a movement against princely feudalism and British imperialism in Rajasthan. Majority of Bheels inhabited the princely states of Mewar (Udaipur), Banswara, Dungarpur,  and Sirohi of Rajputana. Before the British rule, Bheels were enjoying undisturbed forest rights. In 1818, the States of Mewar, Dungarpur, Banswara concluded treaties with the British power and new order was established. The Bheels revolted in 1818 against this new Continue Reading

British Treaty with Rajputana States

British Treaty with Rajputana States

In the later half of 19th century, the Rajputana States were being crushed by continuous subjugation  of Maratha Power and attacks of Pindaris. Whenever the states of Rajasthan tried to get free from the clutches of the Marathas they were defeated repeatedly and their territories were devastated. Almost all of Rajasthan had been virtually brought under by the Marathas, who exacted tribute, annexed territory, and extorted subsidies. Lord Wellesley (1798-1805) took Continue Reading

1807: Battle of Parbatsar – Battle for Princess of Mewar

Battle of Parbatsar, Krishna Kumari of Mewar

In 1807, a series of battles took place in Rajasthan, with Jodhpur, Marathas & Pindaris on one side and Mewar, Jaipur on other. The battles result in huge losses on both sides and ended with princess of Mewar committing suicide. Background of Battle of Parbatsar: Raja Bhim Singh of Jodhpur was engaged with princess Krishna kumari of Mewar. However, before the marriage could be solemnised Raja Bhim Singh of Jodhpur Continue Reading