Geographical Indications in Rajasthan

Geographical Indications in Rajasthan

Last year Molela clay art from village Molela near town of Nathdwara in Rajsamand was in NEWS for approval of geographical indication (GI). This article deals with what exactly are geographical indications, what is the relevance and what are the registered geographical indications in Rajasthan. What is Geographical Indication (GI) ? A geographical indication (GI) is a name or sign used on certain products which corresponds to a specific geographical location or Continue Reading

Economy of Rajasthan: Macro Indicators 2017

Key Macro Indicators of Economic Development 2016 (Based on Economic Survey 2016-17, Published2017) Gross State Domestic Product of Rajasthan at: (a) Constant (2011-12) Prices: 5,82,000 Crores (b) Current Prices: 7,49,000 Crores Economic Growth Rate as per GSDP at: (a) Constant (2011-12) Prices: 71 % (b) Current Prices: 4% Sectoral Contribution of GVA at Current Prices by (a) Agriculture: 89 % (b) Industry: 89% (c) Services: 62 % Net State Domestic Continue Reading

Download Economic Review Rajasthan 2016-17 – PDF

Like Economic Survey is published at Union Level, the Directorate of Economics and Statistics Rajasthan published the Economic Review for Rajasthan, every year. The Economic Review is an annual document which is presented in the State Legislative Assembly at the time of presentation of the State Government Budget. The “Economic Review, 2016-17” attempts to present an overview of the State’s economy as well as various development programmes being implemented in the Continue Reading

Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Snap Analysis of Figures

Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Key Estimates   Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Key Parameters Rajasthan Budget 2017-18: Government Income In Revenue Receipts: State Own Tax Revenue > Central Tax Revenue > Non-Tax Revenue > Grant-in- Aid In State Own Tax Revenue: Sales Tax > State Excise Duty > Stamps & Registration = Taxes on Vehicles > Taxes on Electricity > Land Revenue In Share in Central Taxes: Corporation Tax > Income Tax > Continue Reading

Rajasthan Budget 2017: Key Highlights

Salient Features of the Rajasthan Budget 2017-18 Download Rajasthan Budget 2017: Key highlights – PDF (English) | (Hindi) Rajasthan Budget 2017: Fiscal Indicators Estimated Revenue Deficit for 2017-18 without effect of UDAY deficit of Rs. 1528 crore. with effect of UDAY – deficit of Rs. 13528 crore Estimated Fiscal Deficit for 2017-18 Rs. 24753.53 crore which is 2.99% of GSDP. Estimated total revenue receipts for 2017-18 Rs. 130162 crore. Estimated Continue Reading