Lok Devta: Goga Ji

Goga Ji Lok Devta

Rajasthan Lok Devta: Goga Ji Goga Ji, also known as Jahar Veer Gogga is a folk deity, who is venerated as a warrior-hero, saint and ‘snake-god’. Gugga is worshipped in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat. Early Days: Gogaji was born to queen Bachchal and king Zewar in Dadrewa in the Churu district of Rajasthan in 1003 A.D.  Bachchal worshiped Guru Gorkhnath ji Continue Reading

Desert Festival

The golden city of Jaisalmer is getting ready to organize the Desert Festival again from February 8 – 10, 2017. The fair might jointly be held by state tourism department and district administration. The three-day event stresses more on local elements and heritage. Events in Desert Festival: The festival will be inaugurated on February 8 with a procession from Gadisar Lake to Poonam Singh Stadium. On the first day, turban tying, Moomal Continue Reading

Tribes of Rajasthan

Tribes of Rajasthan: Introduction Rajasthan has been home to numerous tribal & nomadic communities, the tribes of Rajasthan constitute approximately 13.5% of Rajasthan’s population. Each of these tribes can be identified by their own culture, customs, trades, fairs & festivals. Bhils & Minas constitute the majority of population of the tribes of Rajasthan. Schedule Tribes of Rajasthan 1. Bhils Bhils are the largest tribe in Rajasthan. Banswara is the main area where Continue Reading

Folk Dances of Rajasthan

Folk dances of Rajasthan, Ghoomar

Folk dances of Rajasthan trace their origin to rural customs and traditions. These dances form an integral part of people’s lives and are performed on important occasions and festivals. The rise of princely states during medieval times, also added to growth of folk dances, as the rulers gave patronage to art & crafts. Jaipur Gharana is supposedly the first gharana of Kathak dance. Its pioneer was Bhanuji. Folk Dances of Continue Reading

Rajasthani Painting

Medieval History of Rajasthan, Heores

Rajput School of Painting or Rajasthani Painting Rajasthani Painting Themes – events of epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, Krishna’s life, beautiful landscapes, and humans Precious stones, Gold and silver were used Mughal Influence Dominance of Chaurapanchasika group style in Indian Rajasthani Paintings Starting from the 16th century, when the Rajput Painting originated, numerous schools emerged, including: Mewar School Chavand, Nathdwara, Devgarh, Udaipur and Sawar Marwar school the Kishangarh, Continue Reading