Antibiotic Resistance: Why a concern for India

WHO has recently published first ever list of antibiotic-resistant “priority pathogens” which is a catalogue of 12 families of bacteria that poses a grave threat to human health.  India is the world’s largest consumer of antibiotics and where carelessness in antibiotic use and environmental antibiotic pollution has been documented. While the government drafted policy measures to tackle the problem, it has not been so forthcoming on the issue. What are antibiotics? Continue Reading

Treatment of Terminally ill Patients Bill and Euthanasia: Explained

A five-member team of the think tank Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy has recently submitted a report on “Medical Treatment of Terminally-Ill Patients (Protection of Patients and Medical Practitioners) Bill, 2016” and asked for scrapping the bill in its current form and suggested drafting a fresh bill. The Treatment of Terminally ill Patients Bill, 2016 was introduced in Parliament, last year. According to bill  terminally ill patient above the age Continue Reading

Supreme Court bans Alcohol on Highways: Analysis

Last week, the Supreme Court confirmed its December order on banning sale of liquor near National and State highways.The SC bench, which consisted of Justice DY Chandrachud and L Nageswara Rao were of the opinion that allowing liquor vending within 500 metres of highways would negate the purpose of curbing drunken driving.The important points to note include: In December 2016, the apex court had ordered a complete shutdown of liquor shops Continue Reading

BSIII BSIV Issue Explained: What is Bharat Stage Emission Standard

During last 2 days there has been unprecedented rush to buy new vehicles, vehicle showrooms had to be closed and at some places even police protection was required. The huge rush to buy vehicles has been triggered by heavy discount in terms of 12000-15000 + free insurance being offered by Auto-Companies. Why are company offering such heavy discounts on vehicles ? On 29th March, 2017, the Supreme Court of India passed a Continue Reading

Black Money, Shadow Economy and Informal Economy: Concept & differences

Following the demonetization of old 1000 & 500 rupee notes, black money, black economy and other relative terms have been making daily appearance in the news rooms and paper. Hence, it becomes quintessential to understand these concepts, why they matter and their inter-relationships. Black Money: Black money refers to funds that have been: 1.  Earned through without paying due taxes Black money refers to funds that have been earned without paying Continue Reading

System of Governance in India

To understand the system of governance in India is simple terms, we shall start by dividing Governance in three parts – What to Govern – Areas/ Sectors How to Govern – Rules/Acts/Policies/Schemes Who Governs – Departments/authorities   What to Govern: Areas/Sectors The system of governance in India is a unique mix of both unitary ( all powers with centre) and federal (all powers with state) system. To simplify the areas Continue Reading

How US President Elections Happen

US election is followed by people from around the world but the process of selection of US President is a bit difficult to follow. The below article compares India’s Political System with that of USA and tries to simplify the process of election of US President. Difference between India’s & United States Political System: There are 3 parts of modern State – The Legislature (makes laws/rules), the judiciary, and the Continue Reading

Cyber Security in India

Recently, SBI bank advised its customers to use the bank’s own ATM network after the security breach of around six lakh debit cards issued by the bank. Further, reports say that around 32 lakhs debit cards belonging to major banks have been compromised in India. Cyber crimes are increasing in India elsewhere, it is time too look at India’s cyber security infrastructure and cyber security agencies.   What is Cyberspace? Cyberspace Continue Reading

Uniform Civil Code: Definition, debate, way-forward

Yesterday, The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), along with several other organizations associated with the Muslim community, opposed the Law Commission’s questionnaire on the possibility of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). There has been much debate in recent times on this topic of Uniform Civil Code. The article explore’s the topic in detail consolidating history of topic with the recent news. Structure of Laws in India: Before going to Continue Reading

Indus Water Treaty

Over the past week, Indus Water Treaty has been in NEWS. This is a detailed article on the same. Indus Water Treaty: The Background At the time of independence, the boundary line between Pakistan and India was drawn across the Indus Basin, leaving Pakistan as the lower riparian meaning water from Indus & tributaries flowed from India to Pakistan. Moreover, two important irrigation head works, one at Madhopur on Ravi River and the other at Ferozepur on Sutlej River, on which Continue Reading

Payment Banks

In a bid to promote financial inclusion the Union government has come up with ideas like Payment Banks & Small Banks. The RBI has recently granted ‘in principle’ approval for payment banks to 11 entities, including big names like Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla Nuvo and Tech Mahindra, as also Airtel and Vodafone. What is Payment Bank? Payment Banks are banks that will undertake only certain restricted banking functions that the Banking Regulation Continue Reading