Bheel Movements of Rajasthan

Bheel Movements of Rajasthan

The Bheels (Bhils) were the first to raise a movement against princely feudalism and British imperialism in Rajasthan. Majority of Bheels inhabited the princely states of Mewar (Udaipur), Banswara, Dungarpur,  and Sirohi of Rajputana. Before the British rule, Bheels were enjoying undisturbed forest rights. In 1818, the States of Mewar, Dungarpur, Banswara concluded treaties with the British power and new order was established. The Bheels revolted in 1818 against this new Continue Reading

Government Schemes in Rajasthan PDF

Important Government Schemes Rajasthan PDF

Important Government Schemes in Rajasthan PDF Price: 30 Buy Now You can Buy Government Schemes Rajasthan PDF (English) This  PDF has detailed description of important government schemes in Rajasthan. As there is deficiency of  consolidated study material on schemes initiated by Rajasthan Government, hence, this PDF lays importance on government schemes of Rajasthan. However, important government schemes by Union Government executed through state government of Rajasthan (part of Rajasthan budget) have also Continue Reading

British Treaty with Rajputana States

British Treaty with Rajputana States

In the later half of 19th century, the Rajputana States were being crushed by continuous subjugation  of Maratha Power and attacks of Pindaris. Whenever the states of Rajasthan tried to get free from the clutches of the Marathas they were defeated repeatedly and their territories were devastated. Almost all of Rajasthan had been virtually brought under by the Marathas, who exacted tribute, annexed territory, and extorted subsidies. Lord Wellesley (1798-1805) took Continue Reading

Rajasthan Police: History and Organisation Structure

Rajasthan Police

Rajasthan Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Rajasthan, organisationally it comes under the state ministry of home affairs. Rajasthan Police has its headquarters in Jaipur. The motto of the police force is सेवार्थ कटिबद्धता, which means “Committed to Serve”. Currently,  use of the latest technology in crime management, controlling hardcore criminals and serious crimes, effective implementation of community police, multi-dimensional eradication of crimes against women, children and weaker sections, curbing road accidents, crime prevention Continue Reading

Get your RAS 2016 Marks

RAS 2016 Marks

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) declared the final result of RAS/RTS examination 2016 on 17 October 2017. Now, RPSC has released the marks of candidates of RAS 2016 exam. Candidates can download their marks by clicking on the link shared by RPSC below. RAS 2016 Marks Candidates can check their marks for RAS/ RTS 2016 Examination below: Get your RAS 2016 Marks: RPSC Link