Ancient History of Rajasthan: PDF

History of Rajasthan

Ancient History of Rajasthan PDF 

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Important Note to Aspirants:

The book covers topics in a sequential manner regarding ancient history of Rajasthan i.e. from as early as 5,00,000 BC to 1200 AD.

Contents of the eBook / PDF of Ancient History of Rajasthan:

  • Palaeolithic-Old Stone Age in Rajasthan
  • Mesolithic-Middle Stone Age in Rajasthan
  • Neolithic Age in Rajasthan
  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Ahar-Banas Culture of Rajasthan
  • OCP Culture of Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan During Vedic Period
  • Rajasthan During Mahajanpada Period
  • Rajasthan after Alexander Invasion (326 BC)
  • Maurya Rule in Rajasthan (321-184 BCE)
  • Sakas (1st AD)
  • Western Satraps
  • Rajasthan In Gupta Period
  • Huna Emipre in Rajasthan
  • Vardhana Emipre
  • Gurjara Kingdom
  • The Origin of Rajputs
  • Pratihars of Mandore
  • Pratihars of Bhinmal (Jalore)
  • The Chauhan Dynasty
  • Chauhans of Shakambhari
  • Chauhans of Ranthambore
  • Chauhans of Jalore
  • The Kingdom of Mewar
  • Guhils of Chittorgarh

Total Pages: 53


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